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Tony Hillerman was born in Oklahoma in 1925. He joined the US Army in 1943 and won the Silver Star, the Bronze Star with Oak Leaf Cluster and the Purple Heart after being wounded. After the war he attended the University of Oklahoma and worked as a journalist, eventually becoming editor of the New Mexican. In 1963 he went to graduate school at the University of New Mexico and joined the journalism faculty there in 1966. His first Navajo mystery, The Blessing Way, was published in 1970.

Genres: Mystery
Tony Hillerman recommends
The Watcher (1978)
Collin Wilcox
"Wilcox gets better and better."
Undercurrents (1988)
(Boldt / Matthews, book 1)
Ridley Pearson
"A real winner!"
Shadow Dancers (1989)
Herbert Lieberman
"A gripping, suspenseful novel... You can't put it down."
The Grandfather Medicine (1989)
(Mitch Bushyhead, book 1)
Jean Hager
"Jean Hager gives me a journey home to my Oklahoma childhood - not just an intriguing mystery but a clear-eyed evocation of the Cherokee culture."
Murder by Deception (1989)
(John Lloyd Branson, book 2)
D R Meredith
"If you haven't read D.R. Meredith, here's the book to begin with."
Deadly Safari (1990)
(Jazz Jasper Mystery, book 1)
Karin McQuillan
"Everything anyone could want: suspense, real people as characters, and real untamed Africa out there in the darkness."
Painkiller (1990)
Steven Spruill
"Thriller lovers rejoice - add this to your must read list."
The Woman Who Married a Bear (1992)
(Cecil Younger, book 1)
John Straley
"A fascinating Alaskan setting, great characters, a highly unusual plot... a winner."
Corruption (1993)
Andrew Klavan
"Klavan is as good as they get."
The Children of First Man (1994)
James Alexander Thom
"A powerful book... James Alexander Thom projects us into an American prehistory as it may well have been."
Tensleep (1994)
(Em Hansen, book 1)
Sarah Andrews
"Lively... don't miss it!"
Blackening Song (1995)
(Ella Clah, book 1)
Aimée Thurlo and David Thurlo
"Mystery readers who like their murders solved by applied intelligence will love Ella Clah."
Tularosa (1996)
(Kevin Kerney, book 1)
Michael McGarrity
"Mystery fans shouldn't miss Tularosa."
The Ex (1996)
John Lutz
"Lutz just keeps getting better and better."
The Ghost Walker (1996)
(Wind River Reservation mystery, book 2)
Margaret Coel
"Margaret Coel guides us mystery lovers on another of her gripping tours of evil among the Wind River Arapahos."
Meridian (1997)
Norman Zollinger
"If you read only one novel of the historic west this year, make it Norman Zollinger's Meridian."
Dirty Pool (1999)
(Bubba Mabry, book 5)
Steve Brewer
"...wit, writing skill, and a yarn-spinner's talent..."
The Pumpkin Seed Massacre (1999)
(Ben Pecos, book 1)
Susan Slater
"...a gripping novel."
Nordic Nights (1999)
(Alix Thorssen, book 3)
Lise McClendon
"...a good idea, a wonderful setting, and skillful writing. You'll like it."
Black Mountain (2000)
Les Standiford
"It's suspense all the way."
The Stolen Blue (2000)
(Claire Reynier, book 1)
Judith Van Gieson
"Van Gieson's back - and better than ever. Don't miss The Stolen Blue."
The Shooting Gallery (2002)
(Detective Yablonsky, book 2)
Joseph Trigoboff
"THE SHOOTING GALLERY is not a book for naptime reading. Trigoboff never gives you a dull moment. And the background is as intriguing as the plot. Hope to see it on the bestseller lists."
An Improper Death (2002)
(Dr. Alexandra Gladstone, book 2)
Paula Paul
"A lively mixture of ruling class murder, Victorian morals, and love."
The Pythagorean Solution (2003)
Joseph Badal
"If you enjoy fast moving suspense in an intriguing setting... You're going to love The Pythagorean Solution."
Letter From Home (2003)
Carolyn Hart
"In Letter from Home the scene of the crime is bygone days in small-town Olkahoma. It took me back to my own boyhood... You'll enjoy it."
Death Takes a Gander (2004)
(Birdwatcher's Mysteries, book 4)
Christine Goff
"One needn't be a bird lover to love Christine Goff's charming bird mysteries."
Wild Indigo (2007)
(Wild Mystery, book 1)
Sandi Ault
"Sandi Ault uses her knowledge of the high, dry West to give us a look at Pueblo Indian culture."
Killstraight (2008)
Johnny D Boggs
"Johnny Boggs has produced another instant page-turner... don't put down the book until you finish it."
Stung (2015)
Pari Noskin (Pari Noskin Taichert)
"A skilled and witty writer."
Wild Rivers West Adventure Series Vol. 1 - 4 (2016)
(Rivers West)
Win Blevins
"Win Blevins, that master yarn-spinner, has done it again!."
DreadfulWater (2017)
(DreadfulWater Mystery, book 1)
Thomas King
"Wry wit, clever writing, amusing characters...[Readers]are going to love sharing this adventure with Thumps DreadfulWater."

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