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aka Sally Blake, Jean Innes, Rachel Moore, Jodi Nicol, Rowena Summers

Jean Innes was born on 8 February 1932 in London, England, but she have lived in the West Country almost all her life. She married with Geoff Saunders, her childhood sweetheart, and they have three grown up children. She lived in Weston-Super-Mare, Somerset, where she wrote full time. She passed away on 3 August 2011, after contracting an illness, after being rushed to Weston General Hospital.

Jean began her career as a magazine writer and had published around 600 short stories. She start to published gothic romance novels under her married name Jean Saunders and her maiden name Jean Innes in the 1970s. In 1980s, she created, to wrote historical romances, two pseudonyms, her most popular, Rowena Summers and Sally Blake. In 1991 her novel, "The Bannister Girls," was shortlisted for the Romantic Novel of Year award. In 2004, she began to used the penname Rachel Moore.

She was an active member and enthusiast of Swanwick, the Writers' Summer School, which takes place in Derbyshire, England, every August, she was a committee member several times, and also Vice-Chairman. She was elected the seventeenth Chairman (1993-1995) of the Romantic Novelists' Association. As a member of the Romance Writers of America she had given talks at conferences in various venues of the USA. She was a member of the Crime Writers' Association. She also was a member and past committee member of the West Country Writers' Association.

Genres: Historical Romance, Sagas, Mystery, Romance
Cornish Clay (as by Rowena Summers)
   1. Killigrew Clay (1986)
   2. Clay Country (1987)
   3. Family Ties (1988)
   4. Family Shadows (1995)
   A Safe Haven (1996)
   5. Primmy's Daughter (1998)
   6. White Rivers (1998)
   7. September Morning (1999)
   8. A Brighter Tomorrow (2000)
Alexandra Best PI
   1. Thicker Than Water (1999)
   2. Illusions (2000)
   3. Deadly Suspicions (2001)
Caldwell (as by Rowena Summers)
   1. Taking Heart (2000)
   2. Daisy's War (2001)
   3. The Caldwell Girls (2002)
   Dreams of Peace (2002)
Elkins (as by Rowena Summers)
   1. Shelter from the Storm (2005)
   2. Monday's Child (2005)
Chase (as by Rowena Summers)
   1. Long Shadows (2007)
   2. Distant Horizons (2008)
Chasing Rainbows (as by Rowena Summers)
   1. Chasing Rainbows (2009)
   2. Pot of Gold (2009)
   3. Old Secrets (2011)
   The Fugitives (1974)
   Sands of Lamanna (1975) (as by Jean Innes)
   Golden God (1975) (as by Jean Innes)
   Only Yesterday (1975)
   The Whispering Dark (1976) (as by Jean Innes)
   The Wishing Stone (1976) (as by Jean Innes)
   Boskelly's Bride (1976) (as by Jean Innes)
   White Blooms of Yarrow (1976) (as by Jean Innes)
   Nightmare (1977)
   Roses All the Way (1978)
   Dark Stranger (1979) (as by Jean Innes)
   Blackmaddie (1980) (as by Rowena Summers)
   Silver Lady (1981) (as by Jean Innes)
   The Devil's Kiss (1981) (as by Sally Blake)
   Moonlight Mirage (1982) (as by Sally Blake)
   The Kissing Time (1982)
   The Savage Moon (1982) (as by Rowena Summers)
   Legacy of Love (1982) (as by Jean Innes)
   Seeker of Dreams (1983) (as by Jean Innes)
   Taste the Wine (1983)
   Love's Sweet Music (1983)
   The Language of Love (1983)
   The Sweet Red Earth (1983) (as by Rowena Summers)
   Partners in Love (1984)
   Willow Harvest (1984) (as by Rowena Summers)
   Scarlet Rebel (1984)
   Cobden's Cottage (1985) (as by Jean Innes)
   Golden Destiny (1986)
   Enchanted Island (1987) (as by Jean Innes)
   Lady of the Manor (1988)
   All in the April Morning (1989)
   Buccaneer's Bride (1989) (as by Jean Innes)
   Outback Woman (1989) (as by Sally Blake)
   Lady of Spain (1990) (as by Sally Blake)
   The Bannister Girls (1990)
   Far Distant Shores (1991) (as by Sally Blake)
   Highland Heritage (1991) (as by Rowena Summers)
   Golden Captive (1991) (as by Jean Innes)
   Velvet Dawn (1991) (as by Rowena Summers)
   Dream Lover (1991) (as by Jean Innes)
   To Love and Honour (1992)
   Angel of the Evening (1992) (as by Rowena Summers)
   Secret Touch (1992) (as by Jean Innes)
   A Royal Summer (1992) (as by Sally Blake)
   Tropical Fire (1992) (as by Jean Innes)
   Ellie's Island (1993) (as by Rowena Summers)
   With This Ring (1993)
   Bargain Bride (1993) (as by Rowena Summers)
   Hidden Currents (1994) (as by Rowena Summers)
   House of Secrets (1994) (as by Sally Blake)
   A Woman of Property (1994) (as by Rowena Summers)
   Love's Fortune (1995) (as by Jean Innes)
   Wives, Friends and Lovers (1996)
   Journey's End (1996)
   Beloved (1997) (as by Jean Innes)
   A Gambling Man (1997)
   Marrying for Love (1997) (as by Sally Blake)
   A Different Kind of Love (1998)
   Jewel (1998) (as by Jean Innes)
   A Gentleman's Masquerade (1999) (as by Sally Blake)
   Rainbow's End (2000)
   A Perfect Marriage (2002)
   Silken Chains (2003) (as by Jodi Nicol)
   Unforgettable (2003)
   The Soldier's Wife (2004) (as by Rachel Moore)
   This Girl (2004) (as by Rowena Summers)
   The Farmer's Wife (2005) (as by Rachel Moore)
   A Cornish Maid (2006) (as by Rachel Moore)
   Blackthorn Cottage (2006) (as by Rowena Summers)
   Prodigal Daughter (2007) (as by Rachel Moore)
   Days to Remember (2008) (as by Rachel Moore)
   Summer of Love (2010) (as by Rachel Moore)
   Promises to Keep (2011) (as by Rachel Moore)
   Village Fate (2011)
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Series contributed to
Circle of Love
   6. Ashton's Folly (1975) (as by Jean Innes)
   32. Scent of Jasmine (1982) (as by Jean Innes)
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