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Jeff Salyards

USA flag (b.1972)

Jeff Salyards grew up in a small town north of Chicago. While it wasn’t Mayberry, with all the doors unlocked and everyone offering each other slices of pie and quaint homilies, it was pretty quiet and sleepy, so He got started early imagining His way into all kinds of other worlds and universes that were loud, chaotic, and full of irrepressible characters and heaps of danger. Massive explosions. Tentacled aliens. Men with sharp swords and thousand-yard stares and secrets they would die to protect. Clearly, He was a full-bore dork.So, no one has ever been surprised to hear that He was working on (or at least talking about working on) some sci-fi or fantasy story or other.Jeff lives with His lovely wife, Kris, and three daughters in a suburb west of Chicago.

Genres: Fantasy