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Martin L. Shoemaker is a programmer who writes on the side… or maybe it’s the other way around. He told stories to imaginary friends and learned to type on his brother's manual typewriter even though he couldn't reach the keys. (He types with the keyboard in his lap still today.) He couldn't imagine any career but writing fiction... until his algebra teacher said, "This is a program. You should write one of these."

Fast forward 30 years of programming, writing, and teaching. He was named an MVP by Microsoft for his work with the developer community. He is an avid role-playing gamemaster, but that didn't satisfy his storytelling urge. He wrote, but he never submitted until his brother-in-law read a chapter and said, "That's not a chapter. That's a story. Send it in." It won second place in the Baen Memorial Writing Contest and earned him lunch with Buzz Aldrin. Programming never did that!

Martin hasn't stopped writing (or programming) since. His work has appeared in Analog, Galaxy's Edge, Digital Science Fiction, and select service garages worldwide. His novella "Murder on the Aldrin Express" was reprinted in The Year's Best Science Fiction: Thirty-First Annual Collection and in Year's Top Short SF Novels 4.
   The Glass Parachute (2012) (with Matt D Edginton, Ben Godby, Alex J Kane, Jasmine Michaelson, Grayson Bray Morris, Rob Oxley, David Tallerman and S C Wade)
   HMI: Human-Machine Interface (2019)
   Today I Remember (2020)
   Lost and Found (2021) (with Natalie Baird, Rosanne Bittner, Lisa Campeau, Patricia Kiyono, Diana Lloyd, K Norris, Diana Stout and Jae Vel)
Anthologies edited
   Final Frontier (2019) (with Mike Barretta, Marianne J Dyson, Ronald Ferguson, Nancy Fulda, C Stuart Hardwick, Philip A Kramer, David D Levine, Patrick Lundrigan, Sean Monaghan, Spider Robinson, Matthew Rotundo, K B Rylander and David Walton)
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