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Boston Teran is the acclaimed author of four distinct novels. GOD IS A BULLET is considered a cult classic that has been compared to such seminal works as Joan Didion's THE WHITE ALBUM and John Ford's THE SEARCHERS. NEVER COUNT OUT THE DEAD has been called a modern equivalent of MacBeth and his most recent work TROIS FEMMES (THREE WOMEN) has been reviewed as "a true masterpiece." The author has been published around the world and has been nominated or won such far reaching awards as the INTERNATIONAL IMPACT AWARD OF DUBLIN for Best Novel, the Best Novel of the Year in Japan and the John Creasy Award in England. Boston Teran was born and raised in the South Bronx. He lives in California.

Genres: Historical, Mystery, Western
   God is a Bullet (1999)
   The Prince of Deadly Weapons (2002)
   The Creed of Violence (2009)
   Gardens of Grief (2010)
   The World Eve Left Us (2012)
   The Cloud and the Fire (2013)
   The Country I Lived In (2014)
   By Your Deeds (2016)
   A Child Went Forth (2018)
   How Beautiful They Were (2019)
   Two Boys at Breakwater (2021)
   Crippled Jack (2022)
Non fiction show
2000 John Creasey (New Blood) Dagger : God is a Bullet

Award nominations
2000 Edgar Award for Best First Novel (nominee) : God is a Bullet

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