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M K Turner has enjoyed writing for many years but only for pleasure and friends or family. Her first novel Murderous Mishaps is a farcical whodunit set in her favourite hotel in Cornwall, although she did of course change the name so as not to tarnish their reputation. Marcia wrote Murderous Mishaps for a friend, who after regaling her with all the latest gossip said 'they wouldn't believe you if you wrote it down.' So she did. All based on true stories but totally exaggerated of course.

Misplaced Loyalty was her debut novel in published format, and introduced the popular DCI John Meredith and Patsy Hodge, in the Meredith & Hodge crime series. There are now eight books in the series, as Marcia has written a prequel to the Meredith & Hodge series, The Making of Meredith.

Marcia is also writes the Bearing Witness series. Crime and suspense, with a touch of the paranormal.

Marcia is married, with two children, two grandchildren, two German Shepherds and a Bichon Frise. They live in Bristol UK.

Genres: Mystery, Cozy Mystery
New and upcoming books
March 2024

An Ill Wind
(JJ Jenson, book 1)
July 2024

To Kill Two Birds
(JJ Jenson, book 2)
Meredith & Hodge
   0. The Making of Meredith (2016)
   1. Misplaced Loyalty (2012)
   2. Ill Conceived (2013)
   3. The Wrong Shoes (2013)
   4. Tin Soldiers (2014)
   5. One Secret Too Many (2015)
   6. Mistaken Beliefs (2017)
   7. Quite by Chance (2018)
   8. Family Matters (2019)
   9. Not If You Paid Me (2020)
   10. A Measure of Guilt (2021)
   11. Meredith & Hodge Bear Witness (2021)
   12. Web of Deceit (2022)
   13. Error of Judgement (2023)
   14. Chance Encounters (2023)
   15. Enough (2024)
Bearing Witness
   1. Witness for Wendy (2017)
   2. An Unexpected Gift (2018)
   3. Terms of Affection (2019)
Little Compton Mysteries
   1. The Murder (2023)
   2. The Abduction (2023)
   3. The Burglar (2023)
JJ Jenson
   1. An Ill Wind (2024)
   2. To Kill Two Birds (2024)

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