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Ashley Woodfolk graduated from Rutgers University with a BA in English and her life-long love of books led her straight to the publishing industry. She's a member of the CBC Diversity Committee and markets books for children and teens. In her abundance of "spare" time, she writes contemporary YA. Indie movies, beer, books, and burgers are a few of her favorite things. She lives in Brooklyn with her husband and pit bull puppy, Winnie.

Genres: Young Adult Romance
Ashley Woodfolk recommends
Now That I've Found You (2020)
Kristina Forest
"This glowing blend of romance, mystery, and New York City warmed my heart and made me laugh outloud."
Grown (2020)
Tiffany D Jackson
"Grown is equal parts riveting and alarming. It asks hard questions about power, innocence, and who we, as a society, see as worth saving. A captivating and cautionary page-turner."
Something Happened to Ali Greenleaf (2020)
Hayley Krischer
"Something Happened to Ali Greenleaf deftly examines the elaborate complexity of high school friendships, and confronts every possible shade of gray. A timely and intimate discussion of rape culture, the power of shared stories, the courage it takes to find your voice."
Some Other Now (2021)
Sarah Everett
"Everett's writing packs a punch that will hit readers right in the feels. Whether you're sixteen or sixty, you'll fall in love with Luke, Ro, and Jessi's story and you'll keep coming back for more."

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