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Dietmar Arthur Wehr

A USA Today Bestselling author, Dietmar's professional background is Finance and Accounting. At 59, he began working to become a Professional Author and is now writing the kind of space opera and military SF, that he has always loved to read. David Weber's Honor Harrington series was the inspiration for the kind of stories that Dietmar strives to write. All four parts of his first original series, The Synchronicity War, are now available. This series is now complete. However, there is also a stand-alone novella that takes place in the Synchronicity War universe (The Retro War). His second series, The System States Rebellion trilogy is complete and the first book in that series is Rumors of Glory. His next two books are Empire in Crisis and The Last Valkyrie.

He's grateful to those who have posted favorable reviews of his work. He encourages those of you who like his books, to go to his website ( and sign up for email notification of the publication of his future books. Long Live Space Opera!

Genres: Science Fiction