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Karl Edward Wagner

USA flag (1945 - 1994)

Karl Edward Wagner (4 December 1945 - 13 October 1994) was an American writer, editor and publisher of horror, science fiction, and heroic fantasy, who was born in Knoxville, Tennessee and originally trained as a psychiatrist. His disillusionment with the medical profession can be seen in the stories "The Fourth Seal" and "Into Whose Hands". He described his world view as nihilistic, anarchistic and absurdist, and claimed, not entirely seriously, to be related to "an opera composer named Richard".

Series contributed to
Anthology series
Anthologies edited
Anthologies containing stories by Karl Edward Wagner
Savage Heroes (1975)
Whispers (1977)
The Year's Best Fantasy Stories 3 (1977)
New Terrors 1 (1980)
Dark Forces (1980)
The Giant Book of Horror Stories (1981)
Top Fantasy (1984)
The Year's Best Fantasy Stories 10 (1984)
Dead Image (1985)
Masters of Darkness (1986)
Cutting Edge (1986)
A Century of Horror 1970-1979 (1987)
Ghor, Kin-Slayer (1987)
The Architecture of Fear (1987)
The Colour of Evil (1987)
Silver Scream (1988)
Fine Frights (1988)
Jack the Ripper (1988)
Gaslight and Ghosts (1988)
Best New Horror (1990)
Vampires: The Greatest Stories (1991)
The Mammoth Book of Terror (1991)
Best New Horror 2 (1991)
A Whisper of Blood (1991)
The Mammoth Book of Vampires (1992)
The Year's Best Fantasy and Horror Fifth Annual Collection (1992)
Best New Horror 3 (1992)
Confederacy of the Dead (1993)
The Ultimate Witch (1993)
Best New Horror 4 (1993)
The Hastur Cycle, 2nd Edition (1993)
To Sleep, Perchance to Dream...Nightmare (1993)
The Best of Whispers (1994)
The King Is Dead (1994)
The Mammoth Book of Frankenstein (1994)
The Giant Book of Terror (1994)
100 Vicious Little Vampire Stories (1995)
The Best New Horror 5 (1995)
Splatterpunks II (1995)
Dark Terrors (1995)
Forbidden Acts (1995)
Dark Love (1995)
The Best New Horror 6 (1995)
The Best of Weird Tales (1995)
The Vampire Hunters' Casebook (1996)
Diagnosis - Terminal (1996)
100 Tiny Tales of Terror (1996)
The New Lovecraft Circle (1996)
The Mammoth Book of Best New Horror Volume Eight (1997)
100 Twisted Little Tales of Torment (1998)
Tales of The Cthulhu Mythos (1999)
100 Hilarious Little Howlers (1999)
Short stories
Stardust (1959)
In the Lair of Yslsl (1973)
Killer [short story] (1974) (with David Drake)
Midnight Sun (1974)
Sticks (1974)World Fantasy (nominee)
Sing a Last Song of Valdese (1976)
Two Suns Setting (1976)World Fantasy (nominee)
The Coming of Ghor (1977)
Undertow (1977)
.220 Swift (1980)
Where the Summer Ends [short story] (1980)
In the Wake of the Night (1981)
The River of Night's Dreaming (1981)World Fantasy (nominee)
Beyond Any Measure (1982)World Fantasy
Into Whose Hands (1983)World Fantasy (nominee)
Neither Brute Nor Human (1983)
More Sinned Against (1984)
The Treasure of Lynortis (1984)
Blue Lady, Come Back (1985)
Old Loves (1985)
Shrapnel (1985)
Lacunae (1986)
Endless Night (1987)
Satan's Gun (1987)
An Awareness of Angels (1988)
At First Just Ghostly (1989)Bram Stoker (nominee)
But You'll Never Follow Me (1990)Bram Stoker (nominee)
Cedar Lane (1990)
The Kind Men Like (1990)
A Fair Cop (1991)
The Slug (1991)
Did They Get You to Trade? (1992)Bram Stoker (nominee)
One Paris Night (1992)
Hell Creek (1993)
Little Lessons in Gardening (1993)
Passages (1993)
A Walk on the Wild Side (1993)
Deep in the Depths of the Acme Warehouse (1994)
The Gothic Touch (1994)
In the Middle of a Snow Dream (1994)
Gremlin (1995)
I've Come to Talk With You Again (1995)
Locked Away (1995)
The Picture of Jonathan Collins (1995)
Prince of the Punks (1995)
Final Cut (1996)
Plan 10 from Inner Space (1996)Bram Stoker (nominee)
Brushed Away (1997)
The Education of Gergy-doo-doo (1997)

World Fantasy Best Short Story nominee (1975) : Sticks
World Fantasy Best Novel nominee (1977) : Dark Crusade
World Fantasy Best Short Story nominee (1977) : Two Suns Setting
World Fantasy Best Collection nominee (1979) : Night Winds
World Fantasy Best Novella nominee (1982) : The River of Night's Dreaming
World Fantasy Best Novella winner (1983) : Beyond Any Measure
World Fantasy Best Short Story nominee (1984) : Into Whose Hands
World Fantasy Best Collection nominee (1988) : Why Not You and I?
Bram Stoker Best Novellette nominee (1990) : At First Just Ghostly
Bram Stoker Best Short Story nominee (1991) : But You'll Never Follow Me
Bram Stoker Best Short Story nominee (1993) : Did They Get You to Trade?
Bram Stoker Best Short Story nominee (1997) : Plan 10 from Inner Space
Bram Stoker Best Collection winner (1998) : Exorcisms and Ecstasies

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