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Robert E Vardeman's picture

Robert E Vardeman

(Robert Edward Vardeman)
USA flag (1947 - )

aka Daniel Moran

Robert Edward Vardeman (sometimes called Vardebob) is an American science fiction fan and writer. He got his start in writing by writing for science fiction fanzines, and was nominated for the 1972 Hugo Award for Best Fan Writer. He is the author of more than fifty fantasy and science fiction novels. He created the Cenotaph Road series of science fantasy novels; co-wrote the Swords of Raemllyn series (with George W. Proctor) and the The War of Powers series with Victor Milan; and wrote Ruins of Power, a MechWarrior


Keys to Paradise (as by Daniel Moran)
1. The Flame Key (1987)
2. Skeleton Lord's Key (1987)
3. Key of Ice and Steel (1988)
The Keys to Paradise (omnibus) (1983)
Tom Swift (Third Series)
9. The Gateway To Doom (1983)


Tom Swift (Fourth Series)
8. The Microbots (1992)
11. Mutant Beach (1992)
After the Spell Wars
1. Ogre Castle (2009)
2. In the The Sea Nymph's Lair (2011)
God of War
1. God of War (2010) (with Matthew Stover)
2. God of War II (2011)
Conversant USA
Hot Rail to Hell (2011)

Empires of Steam and Rust
1. Gateway to Rust and Ruin (2012)

Stories From Desert Bob's Reptile Ranch (2007)
Pirates Of The Blue Kingdoms (2008) (with Paul Genesse, Jean Rabe, Lorelei Shannon, Stephen D Sullivan and James M Ward)
Uncanny Encounters: Roswell (2009) (with Jean Rabe, Nick Redfern and Stephen D Sullivan)
Tales from Texas: Texas Rangers (2012) (with Karl Lassiter and Jackson Lowry)
Tales From Texas (2014) (with Karl Lassiter and Jackson Lowry)
Tales from the Otherverse (2015) (with Lou Antonelli, Bill Crider, Scott A Cupp, John Hegenberger, Scott Dennis Parker, Cheryl Pierson, Richard Prosch, James Reasoner and Keith West)

Series contributed to
Anthologies containing stories by Robert E Vardeman

Short stories
Networking (1984)
Used Books (1985)
At the Bentnail Inn (1987)
A Gentle Breeze Blowing (1993)
Isle of Lost Souls (1996)
Spectral Line (1997)

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