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Doug Dandridge

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Doug Dandridge was born in Venice Florida, the son of a Florida native and a Mother of French Canadian descent. An avid reader from an early age, Doug has read most of the classic novels and shorts of Science Fiction and Fantasy, as well as multiple hundreds of historical works. Doug has military experience including Marine Corps JROTC, Active Duty Army, and the Florida National Guard. He attended Florida State University, studying Biology, Geology, Physics, and Chemistry, and receiving a BS in Psychology. Doug then studied Clinical Psychology at the University of Alabama, with specific interests in Neuropsychology and Child Psychology, completing a Masters and all course work required for a PhD. He has worked in Psychiatric Hospitals, Mental Health Centers, a Prison, a Juvenile Residential Facility, and for the past five years for the Florida Department of Children and Families. Doug has been writing on and off for fifteen years. He concentrates on intelligent science fiction and fantasy in which there is always hope, no matter how hard the situation. No area of the fantastic is outside his scope, as he has completed works in near and far future Science Fiction, Urban and High Fantasy, Horror, and Alternate History

Genres: Science Fiction
Bellator (2014) (with Chantal Boudreau, A L Butcher, Mia Darien, Kenny Emmanuel, Raphyel M Jordan, BR Kingsolver, J D Mason, Jessica Nicholls, Lee Pletzers, Christi Rigby, Crystal G Smith and Diana L Wicker)
The Prometheus Saga (2015) (with Daco Auffenorde, Bria Burton, M J Carlson, Bard Constantine, Charles A Cornell, Parker Francis, Antonio Simon Jr, Kay Kendall, Jade Kerrion, Elle Andrews Patt and Ken Pelham)
Imagination Unlimited (2017)