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Hilma Wolitzer was born in Brooklyn, N.Y. and now her husband--a psychologist--and Hilma live in Manhattan. They have two grown daughters. Meg is a novelist and Nancy is a freelance editor and visual artist.

Non fiction
Hilma Wolitzer recommends
Enchantment (1984)
Daphne Merkin
"Daphne Merkin's Enchantment is extraordinary--piercingly painful and marvelously funny at once. She evokes childhood and the adult life that comes out of it with rare wisdom and charm."
Telling Time (1993)
Nancy Willard
"Nancy Willard talks about the craft of writing in the most magical yet practical ways. She is nothing less than a wizard."
A Good Enough Mother (2019)
Bev Thomas
"The suspense in A Good Enough Mother is raw and enthralling, with a strong emotional ache at its center."
Truthtelling (2020)
Lynne Sharon Schwartz
"These wonderful stories about our need for connection and our sense of alienation are timely and timeless at once. Lynne Sharon Schwartz is a dazzling writer."

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