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USA flag (b.1953)

Dan Woodrell comes from a long line of Ozarkers that stretch back before the Civil War. A high school dropout he joined the marine corps at 17. The military and he saw things differently. A period of post military drifting ended up at the University of Kansas and a Michener fellowship at the Iowa Writers School, where he was definitely the odd man out.

He is the author of eight novels including Under the Bright Lights, Muscle for the Wing, The Ones You Do, Ride With the Devil, Woe To Live On, Give Us A Kiss, Tomato Red and The Death Of Sweet Mister. He lives in West Plains, Missouri.

Genres: Mystery
   Woe to Live On (1987)
     aka Ride with the Devil
   Give Us a Kiss (1996)
   Tomato Red (1998)
   The Death of Sweet Mister (2001)
   Winter's Bone (2006)
   The Maid's Version (2013)
Daniel Woodrell recommends
The Book of Duels (2014)
Michael Garriga
"This prose has biblical force and rhythms."
Where All Light Tends to Go (2015)
David Joy
"Lyrical, propulsive, dark and compelling. Joy knows well the grit and gravel of his world, the soul and blemishes of the place."
Bluebird, Bluebird (2017)
(Highway 59, book 1)
Attica Locke
"With Bluebird, Bluebird Attica Locke brings freshness and vitality to a beloved form. Her storytelling touch is just so strong! From the first beautifully done scene until the finale, this is a very propulsive novel concerning old deeds that keep influencing the present, injustice and courage---a powerful and dramatic look at contemporary black life in rural America."
The Which Way Tree (2018)
Elizabeth Crook
"In The Which Way Tree, Elizabeth Crook has conjured a powerful, sly, and often charming tale delivered in the winning voice of Benjamin. This novel is a fast-paced story resonating with rich characters and mythic elements that come to us as folklore that mustn't be doubted."
The Winter Station (2018)
Jody Shields
"The Winter Station is a novel set in Russia that to its great credit reads like a Russian novel. Set early in the 20th Century, it is a story of courage, love, resilience, loyalty during a season of absolute terror. Jody Shields is a fearless writer, with the integrity of a worthy creator, and this novel won't be easily forgotten."
Country Dark (2018)
Chris Offutt
"Chris Offutt's work about mountain life earns high praise from other writers, and Country Dark, his return to fiction, is entirely welcome and a pleasure all around....Offutt writes so well, with such deep knowledge of the language and people, that Country Dark is likely to be read straight through, no resting places."
Sugar Run (2019)
Mesha Maren
"Strong and insightful . . . Maren puts stories to lives that are ordinarily overlooked, exploring damaged souls and damaged land, the need for that redemptive sense of connection to places and people. Maren writes prose that moves us ever deeper into her world without strain, but with sureness and vivid details."
Kingdomtide (2020)
Rye Curtis
"Rye Curtis's debut novel is an astonishing work. His powerful and convincing characters are at risk in a harsh and beautiful landscape in which the best and worst are revealed, and nothing is as it initially seems. Kingdomtide is at once a page-turner and a meditation on the complexity of the human experience and spirit."
The Last Homeland (2020)
(Mountain Trilogy, book 2)
Matteo Righetto
"A harrowing, respectful novel...Beautiful."

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