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Jeannie Watt lives off the grid in a historic Nevada ranching community with her husband, two horses, three ponies, a dog and a cat. When she's not writing or teaching science at the local junior high, she enjoys making mosaic mirrors, sewing, and pretending that the house is neat and tidy. She's written thirteen books for Harlequin Superromance.

Genres: Romance
   Cop on Loan / Wedding Heiress (2008) (with Pamela Ford)
   Kids on the Doorstep / Cop on Loan (2010) (with Kimberly Van Meter)
   Cool Hand Hank / Cowboy's Redemption (2011) (with Kathleen Eagle)
   Cowboy Comes Back / The Cowboy's Convenient Bride (2011) (with Wendy Warren)
   A Ranch for His Family / Cowgirl in High Heels / A Man to Believe In (2014) (with Hope Navarre and Kathleen Pickering)
   Harlequin Superromance December 2015 Box Set (2015) (with Nan Dixon, Pamela Hearon and Jennifer Lohmann)
   Harlequin American Romance March 2016 Box Set (2016) (with Pamela Britton, Trish Milburn and Patricia Thayer)
   Harlequin Western Romance September 2016 Box Set (2016) (with April Arrington, Patricia Thayer and Rebecca Winters)
   Harlequin Superromance January 2017 Box Set (2017) (with Nan Dixon, Nadia Nichols and Amber Leigh Williams)
   Harlequin Western Romance April 2017 Box Set (2017) (with Patricia Johns, Trish Milburn and Patricia Thayer)
   Harlequin Superromance September 2017 Box Set (2017) (with Kristina Knight, Nadia Nichols and Janet Lee Nye)
   Harlequin Western Romance November 2017 Box Set (2017) (with Laura Marie Altom, Amanda Renee and Cathy Gillen Thacker)
   Harlequin Superromance April 2018 Box Set (2018) (with Janice Kay Johnson, Cara Lockwood and Patricia Potter)
   Harlequin Heartwarming August 2018 Box Set (2018) (with Liz Flaherty, Tara Randel and Carol Ross)
   Harlequin Heartwarming October 2019 Box Set (2019) (with Melinda Curtis, Claire McEwen and Carol Ross)
   Harlequin Heartwarming February 2020 Box Set (2020) (with Amie Denman, Syndi Powell and Tara Randel)
   Harlequin Heartwarming July 2020 Box Set (2020) (with Julianna Morris, Leigh Riker and Cari Lynn Webb)
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