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Kristine Rolofson, author of over two dozen novels for Harlequin Books, lived in the mountains of north Idaho for 12 years before returning to New England in 1987. A Rhode Island native, she now resides in the same town where she spent her childhood.

A mother of six and married for 29 years (at age 18 she married her high school history teacher!), Kristine writes about family life in many of her books.

She began writing after the Mount St. Helen's volcano blew, scattering ash across the northwest and preventing tourists from visiting Rolofson's Gift Shop.

With time on her hands, she turned to a box of Harlequin novels, donated to the honor-system library by a neighbor, and fell in love with the idea of writing one herself.

She read and analyzed over 200 Harlequin romances before beginning a five-year struggle to write and sell her own novel. A finalist in Romance Writers of America's Golden Heart contest in 1986, Kristine's first book sold shortly afterward to Harlequin for their Temptation line.

I'll Be Seeing You and The Texan Takes a Wife were nominated for Romantic Times Magazine Best Temptation of the Year. The Texan Takes a Wife won the prestigious Holt Medallion and the National Readers' Choice Award.

Rolofson writes full-time now, after years of combining writing with other jobs as a waitress, wallpaper hanger, secretary, and seamstress. She loves to travel, especially to the London flea markets, and will use any excuse to board a plane and head anywhere in the world.

She also collects scrimshaw, antique jewelry and Western history books and can often be found prowling through New England antique shops.

Known for her sense of humor, strong women characters and Western heroes, this prolific author gathers readers wherever she goes.

Genres: Romance
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