Julia Whelan

Genres: Romance

Julia Whelan recommends
Woman 99 (2019)
Greer Macallister
"Macallister's mastery of historical fiction is on full display in WOMAN NINETY NINE. Her incisive voice brings a dark chapter of our past to life with unsettling contemporary resonance."
Red, White & Royal Blue (2019)
Casey McQuiston
"This book is like that perfect dessert you allow yourself only on the really good or really bad days. And I loved every deliciously satiating page of it."
Beach Read (2020)
Emily Henry
"Beach Read is exactly the witty, charming, and swoony novel we always want; it also happens to be the unexpected wallop of emotional wisdom and sly social commentary we need right now. I adored it."
Are We There Yet? (2021)
Kathleen West
"An astute and witty look at the ties that bind us and the events that can undo them. Are We There Yet is a nuanced take on contemporary parenting bursting with warmth and heart."
The Summer Job (2021)
Lizzy Dent
"A charming and funny read about how our worst mistake can be the very thing that helps us become a better person."
Weather Girl (2022)
Rachel Lynn Solomon
"A perfect storm of classic rom-com delights, Solomon's singular voice, and wholly original characters."

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