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Author and musician LK Wilde was born in Norwich, but spent much of her childhood living on a Northumbrian island. She left the island to study Music, and after a few years of wandering settled in Cornwall, where she raises her two crazy, delightful boys.

Her latest novel 'Queenie of Norwich' tells the remarkable true story of a young Norwich girl who was sold to the travelling fair, later returning to Norwich to become involved in the illegal world of off-course betting. Her debut novel 'Silver Darlings' captures the glory days of the herring industry, when coastal towns were prosperous, and women had independence like never before.


Genres: Historical
New and upcoming books
Watson Family Saga
   1. Silver Darlings (2021)
   2. The Choice She Made (2024)
   3. The Hope She Found (2024)
House of Many Lives
   1. The House of Many Lives (2022)
   2. Is it Me? (2023)
   3. The Wrong Holiday (2023)
   Queenie of Norwich (2022)
   The Wives Left Behind (2023)
   The Island Girls (2024)

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