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Oswald Wynd

(Oswald Morris Wynd)
Scotland (1918 - 1998)

aka Gavin Black

Oswald Wynd was born in Japan to Scottish missionary parents in 1918. He was captured by the Japanese during World War II and spent time in a Japanese prison camp in Hokkaido where he used his Japanese language skills to help other prisoners of war. When he returned from the war he began to write novels, most of which were set in Asia. Some were written under his own name, while others (mainly thrillers) were written under the name of Gavin Black.

Genres: Mystery
Paul Harris (as by Gavin Black)
   1. Suddenly, At Singapore (1961)
   2. Dead Man Calling (1962)
   3. A Dragon for Christmas (1963)
   4. The Eyes Around Me (1964)
   5. You Want To Die, Johnny? (1966)
   6. A Wind of Death (1967)
   7. The Cold Jungle (1969)
   8. A Time for Pirates (1971)
   9. The Bitter Tea (1972)
   10. The Golden Cockatrice (1974)
   11. A Big Wind for Summer (1975)
     aka Gale Force
   12. A Moon for Killers (1976)
     aka Killer Moon
   13. Night Run From Java (1979)