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Lester del Rey's picture

Lester del Rey

(Ramon Felipe Alvarez-del Rey)
USA flag (1915 - 1993)

aka Edson McCann, Philip St. John, Eric van Lhin, Kenneth Wright

Lester del Rey was an American science fiction author and editor. Del Rey is especially famous for juvenile novels, like those that comprise the Winston Science Fiction series, and for Del Rey Books, the fantasy and science fiction branch of Ballantine Books, edited by Lester del Rey and his fourth wife Judy-Lynn del Rey.
And Some Were Human (1948)
Robots and Changelings (1958)
Mortals and Monsters (1965)
Gods and Golems (1973)
Early Del Rey (1975)
The Early Del Rey Volume 2 (1976)
The Best of Lester Del Rey (1978)
Robots and Magic (2010)
The Lester Del Rey Sci Fi Collection (2010)
Bonus Sci-Fi Anthology -- 12 Masterpieces From Golden Era (2012) (with Walter Bupp, H B Fyfe, Randall Garrett and Alan E Nourse)
The Seventh Science Fiction Megapack (2013) (with Poul Anderson, John Gregory Betancourt, Jerome Bixby, Marion Zimmer Bradley, Reginald Bretnor, Grendel Briarton (Reginald Bretnor), Damien Broderick, Fredric Brown, Arthur C Clarkes, Mark Clifton, Geoffrey Cobbe, Michael R Collings, C J Henderson, Michael Kurland, Edward M Lerner, Mike Resnick, Jesse Roarke, Robert Silverberg, Clifford D Simak, Jerry Sohl, Lawrence Watt-Evans, Richard Wilson and Robert F Young)
The Ninth Science Fiction Megapack (2014) (with Arthur C Clarke, Frederik Pohl, Mark Reynolds, Kristine Kathryn Rusch and Donald E Westlake)
The Monster MEGAPACK TM (2015) (with Harcourt Farmer, George Griffith, C.J. Henderson, Nina Kiriki Hoffman, David H Keller, Jim Kjelgaard, Otis Adelbert Kline, Fritz Leiber, Lewis Lister, Frank Belknap Long, William P McGivern, Mark McLaughlin, A R Morlan, Kathryn Ptacek, Robert Reginald, Pamela Sargent, Darrell Schweitzer, Brian Stableford, Cynthia Ward, William J. Wintle and George Zebrowski)
The 10th Science Fiction Megapack (2015) (with Eando Binder, Connor Freff Cochran, Adrian Cole, Avram Davidson, U. R. A. Ferball, H B Fyfe, Randall Garrett, David Gerrold, James C Glass, Ron Goulart, H. B. Hickey, Rhys Hughes, Anna Hunger, C Kitirun, Jay Lake, Judith Merril, R DeWitt Miller, C L Moore, Alan E Nourse, M. Purrzillo, Keith Roberts, Pamela Sargent, James H. Schmitz, E.E. aDoca Smith, Bryce Walton, Lawrence Watt-Evans and Richard Wilson)
The 11th Science Fiction MEGAPACK (2016) (with Poul Anderson, Manly Banister, John Gregory Betancourt, Jerome Bixby, J F Bone, Marion Zimmer Bradley, Hal Clement, Mark Clifton, Simon Eisner, E Everett Evans, H B Fyfe, Christopher Grimm, James E Gunn, Raymond F Jones, C M Kornbluth, Fritz Leiber, Murray Leinster, Katherine MacLean, William Morrison, Frederik Pohl, Frank M Robinson, Ross Rocklynne, Tony Rothman, Robert Silverberg, Clifford D Simak, Evelyn E Smith, Stephen Tall, William Tenn, Sydney J Van Scyoc, F. L. Wallace, Robert Moore Williams, Donald A Wollheim and Robert F Young)
The 12th Science Fiction MEGAPACK (2016) (with Poul Anderson, Alan Arkin, Manly Banister, John Gregory Betancourt, Jerome Bixby, Ray Bradbury, Rosel George Brown, Lucius Daniel, Philip K Dick, H.B. Hickey, R A Lafferty, Keith Laumer, Fritz Leiber, Murray Leinster, Richard Matheson, Walter M Miller, Chad Oliver, Talmage Powell, Mack Reynolds, Frank M Robinson, Tony Rothman, Kristine Kathryn Rusch, Dean Wesley Smith, George O Smith and Jim Wannamaker)
The Alien MEGAPACK (2016) (with Manly Banister, John Gregory Betancourt, Eando Binder, Jerome Bixby, Roger Dee, Bill Doede, Howard Fast, Gardner E. Fox, Frank Belknap Long, Katherine MacLean, Chad Oliver, Edgar Pangborn, Emil Petaja, Talmage Powell, Nat Schachner, Al Sevcik, Tim Sullivan, Charles V. De Vet, Edward Wellen, Robert Moore Williams, Richard Wilson, Everil Worrell and Arthur Leo Zagat)
The 13th Science Fiction Megapack (2016) (with Philip K Dick, Jay Lake, Fritz Leiber and Robert J Sawyer)

Anthologies edited
Non fiction
Anthologies containing stories by Lester del Rey
Short stories
I am Tomorrow
Mind of Tomorrow
Helen O'Loy (1938)
The Day Is Done (1939)
Dark Mission (1940)
The Pipes of Pan (1940)
The Smallest God (1940)
Hereafter, Inc. (1941)
Nerves [short story] (1942)
The Wings of Night (1942)
Kindness (1944)
Though Dreamers Die (1944)
Into Thy Hands (1945)
Instinct (1952)
Evensong (1967)

Lester del Rey recommends
The Broken Lands
The Broken Lands (1968)
(Empire of the East, book 1)
Fred Saberhagen
"There are few writers who can do justice to a really rich set of characters and backgrounds, and Saberhagen has already proved he is one of the best."
Over the River and Through the Woods
Over the River and Through the Woods (1996)
Clifford D Simak
"I always loved his stories, short or long. He made me love them -and the rural America of his childhood - as much as he did."

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