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Walter de la Mare

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aka Walter Ramal

Walter de la Mare was one of the leading poets and novelists of the twentieth century. His writings are known throughout the world, and have been translated into numerous languages. He wrote poetry and fiction for both adults and children. He is loved and admired equally by the young and the old. Together with the Complete Poems, published in 1969 and also edited by Giles de la Mare, Short Stories I, II and III will provide the definitive text of all Walter de la Mare's creative writings apart from his three full-length novels, Henry Brocken, The Return and Memoirs of a Midget. De la Mare was in addition an anthologist of genius and an outstanding literary critic, serving as the main critic on the TLS for over a dozen years.
Four Seasons of Walter de la Mare
   Summer Evening (2016)
   Snow (2018)
   Silver (2019)
   The Ride-by-Nights (2019)
   Henry Brocken (1904)
   The Return (1910)
   The Three Mulla-Mulgars (1910)
     aka The Three Royal Monkeys
   Memoirs of a Midget (1921)
   Crossings, a Fairy Play (1923)
   A Forward Child (1934)
   Sun Before Seven (1936)
   Behold, This Dreamer! (1939)
   Visitors (1986)
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   Motley (poems) (1918)
   The Veil, and Other Poems (poems) (1921)
   Down-a-Down-Derry (poems) (1922)
   Ding Dong Bell (1924)
   Peacock Pie (1924)
   Broomsticks (1925)
   Poems 1901-1918 Volume 1 (poems) (1925)
   Two Tales (1925)
   The Connoisseur (1926)
   To Lucy (poems) (1927)
   Told Again (1927)
   Stories from the Bible (1929)
   On The Edge (1930)
   The Dutch Cheese and The Lovely Myfanwy (1931)
   Seven Short Stories (1931)
   The Lord Fish (1933)
   The Wind Blows Over (1936)
   Stories, Essays and Poems (poems) (1938)
   Bells and Grass (poems) (1941)
   The Picnic (1941)
   Best Stories of Walter de la Mare (1942)
   The Old Lion (1942)
   Time Passes (poems) (1942)
   Love (poems) (1943)
   The Magic Jacket (1943)
   Collected Rhymes and Verses (1944)
   The Burning Glass (1945)
   The Scarecrow (1945)
   The Dutch Cheese (1946)
   Collected Stories for Children (1947)
   Stuff and Nonsense (1947)
   The Collected Tales of Walter de la Mare (1950)
   Inward Companions (poems) (1951)
   Winged Chariot (poems) (1951)
   Come Hither (poems) (1954)
   A Beginning (1955)
   Ghost Stories (1956)
   Some Stories (1962)
   Selected Poems of Walter De La Mare (poems) (1973)
   Short Stories 1895 - 1926 (1996)
   Walter De La Mare, Short Stories 1927-1956 (2000)
   Short Stories III (2002)
   The Listeners and Other Poems (poems) (2004)
   Poems, 1901 to 1918 Volume 1 (poems) (2009)
   Collected Poems, 1901-1918 Volume 2 (poems) (2010)
   Walter de la Mare Short Stories: Vol 1, 2 & 3 (2010)
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Novellas and Short Stories
   Out of the Deep (1923)
   The Green Room (1925)
   Mr. Bumps and His Monkey (1942)
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Walter de la Mare recommends
Dr. Bradley Remembers (1938)
Francis Brett Young
"I delight in all Brett Young novels."

Anthologies containing stories by Walter de la Mare
Weird Woods (2020)
Tales from the Haunted Forests of Britain
(British Library Tales of the Weird, book 17)
edited by
John Miller
Dreams and Wonders (2010)
Stories from the Dawn of Modern Fantasy
edited by
Mike Ashley
The Century's Best Horror Fiction Volume One (2004)
(Century's Best Horror Fiction, book 1)
edited by
John Pelan

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Carnegie Medal Best Book winner (1948) : Collected Stories for Children

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