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Philippa Wiat

   Like as the Roaring Waves (1972)
   The Heir of Allington (1973)
   The Master of Blandeston Hall (1973)
   Knight of Allington (1974)
   Rebel of Allington (1974)
   Sword of Woden (1975)
   Lion without Claws (1976)
   Queen's Fourth Husband (1976)
   Tree of Vortigern (1976)
   My Lute be Still (1977)
   The Atheling (1977)
   Sound Now the Passing Bell (1977)
   Yet a Lion (1978)
   Maid of Gold (1978)
   Raven in the Wind (1978)
   Westerfalca (1979)
   Golden Chariot (1979)
   Four-poster (1979)
   Shadow of Samain (1980)
   Lord of the Wolf (1980)
   King's Vengeance (1981)
   Mistletoe Bough (1981)
   Bride in Darkness (1982)
   Wychwood (1982)
   Five Gold Rings (1983)
   Children of the Spring (1983)
   Cartismandua (1984)
   Prince of the White Rose (1984)
   Queen Gold (1985)
   Fair Rosamond (1985)
   The Grey Goose Wing (1986)
   Lord of the Black Boar (1986)
   The Whyte Swan (1986)
   Wear a Green Kirtle (1987)
   The Cloister and the Flame (1988)
   Phantasmagoria (1988)
   Kingmaker's Daughter (1989)
   The Child Bride (1990)
   The Lady Editha (1991)
   The Hammer and the Sword (1992)
   The Lovers (1993)
   Archangel (1995)
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