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Rachel Woods has been entertaining readers with her mysteries -- from cozies to whodunits and everything in between. Now you can get one of her books for FREE, you just need to go to the link and tell her where to send it: http://bit.ly/32w8Ew0

More about Rachel ...

As a pre-teen, a young Rachel quickly tired of the Sweet Valley High Series and moved on to work by Sidney Sheldon, Jackie Collins and Dominick Dunne, which was just the spark necessary to fuel her love of writing.

Her first stories were written on a Brother typewriter during long summer days in Texas, where she always had an extra typewriter ribbon and correction tape handy.

Rachel later studied journalism and graduated from the University of Houston where she published articles in the Daily Cougar. She is a freelance writer and blogger with a penchant for melodrama and a frequent traveler to beach locales. Many of her stories take place on the islands, which she has visited around the world.

Rachel resides in Houston with her three sock monkeys.

Genres: Mystery, Romantic Suspense

Spencer & Sione
   1. Her Deadly Mistake (2015)
   2. Her Deadly Deception (2020)
   3. Her Deadly Threat (2020)
   4. Her Deadly Betrayal (2017)
     aka Flawless Betrayal
   5. Her Deadly Encounter (2020)
Murder in Paradise
   1. Reunion Island (2017) (with Angel Vane)
   2. Temptation Island (2017)
   3. Ominous Island (2017) (with Angel Vane)
Palmchat Islands Mystery
   1. The Bloodstained Bride (2019)
     aka Until Death Do Us Part
   2. The Prodigal Captive (2018)
     aka No One Will Find You
   3. The Vengeful Caller (2018)
   4. The Shameful Accuser (2018)
   5. The Silent Enemy (2019) (with Angel Vane)