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Samantha M. Bailey is a Toronto-based novelist, journalist, and freelance editor. Her work has appeared in NOW MagazineThe Village Post, and Oxford University Press, among other publications. She was a writer-in-residence for Kobo Writing Life at BookExpo America 2013. She is the co-founder of BookBuzz, a promotional and interactive author-reader event held in New York City and Toronto. Woman on the Edge is her debut novel. Connect with her on Twitter @SBaileyBooks and on her website at

Genres: Mystery
Samantha M Bailey recommends
Framed (2020)
S L McInnis
"Absolutely sensational! With a stunning blend of brilliant psychological suspense and hard-hitting police procedural, this explosive thriller has a cast of vivid, well-developed characters, a gripping, taut plot with twists in every chapter, perfectly placed clues, and a shocking, fully satisfying ending. It's one of the best thrillers I've read this year!"
He Started It (2020)
Samantha Downing
"Samantha Downing is an absolute genius at creating twisted characters you're desperate to follow...A psychological thriller like none other, this addictive read is impossible to put down."
Sister Dear (2020)
Hannah Mary McKinnon
"Stunningly layered and brilliantly written...Sister Dear captures the essence of twisted sisters. A slow-burn domestic suspense, with complex, remarkable characters, that hurtles to a shocking, fiery climax you won't see coming."
Stories We Never Told (2020)
Sonja Yoerg
"Stories We Never Told is a superb, slow-burn suspense that brilliantly ratchets up the tension and character development notch by notch, layer by layer, culminating in a chilling, emotional ending. Sonja Yoerg is a master at creating characters you fall into, and her writing is stunning. A must read!"
Sorry I Missed You (2020)
Suzy Krause
"Quirky, original, hilarious, and poignant, Sorry I Missed You is an unforgettable read with a knockout premise. With ghosts from their pasts, and perhaps real ones in their present, four strangers connect through one rental unit and their combined searches for someone who has disappeared from each of their lives. Inspiring and heartwarming, this novel is an absolute must-read!"
The Swap (2020)
Robyn Harding
"Gripping from the first line, The Swap is a wickedly delicious, addictive, utterly compelling read about obsession, toxic relationships, and dangerous secrets. I devoured every dark, twisted word until the last explosive scene. An absolute must-read, this suspense will shock and rivet readers through each masterful page."
Hurry Home (2020)
Roz Nay
"Roz Nay's remarkable storytelling is only matched by her astonishing ability to make readers care deeply about her flawed, very real characters...Captivating and brilliant twists and turns, expert plotting and pacing, and an emotional, incredibly satisfying ending, it's a must-read page turner."
The Perfect Marriage (2020)
Jeneva Rose
"With a tantalizing premise and twists at every turn, The Perfect Marriage by Jeneva Rose is a sizzling, masterful debut about betrayal and justice. Expertly plotted with gripping characters who are all suspects, this brilliant suspense is a must-read for any thriller lover."
The First to Lie (2020)
Hank Phillippi Ryan
"With flawless pacing and impeccable character development, Hank Phillippi Ryan delivers yet another powerful, relevant story of deceit, betrayal, and the extent to which someone will go to right the wrongs they have suffered. The First to Lie is a magnificent, intricately plotted thriller that will have you questioning everyone’s motives until the stunning ending."
Still Here (2020)
(Clare and Malcolm, book 3)
Amy Stuart
"A powerful, atmospheric, perfectly plotted thriller. . . . An outstanding read."
For the Best (2020)
Vanessa Lillie
"In her sophomore novel, For the Best, Vanessa Lillie proves once again she is a master of the final twist. With an expert hand, Lillie creates a fascinating, gripping, thought-provoking thriller that weaves past trauma and present-day consequences for a protagonist accused of her beloved colleague’s murder. Complex, edgy, and smart, For the Best reveals secrets page after page, leading to a shocking ending you won’t see coming."
Three Single Wives (2020)
Gina LaManna
"Fun, quirky, and clever, Three Single Wives is a darkly comedic mystery with snappy dialogue, sharp wit, and wonderful twists and turns that will keep readers hooked from the first line to the last. Full of glamour and intrigue, it's an addictive story you won't want to miss."
What You Don't Know (2020)
Bianca Sloane
"It was pure joy to read and edit What You Don't Know . . . Masterful and gripping, this is a suspense novel that any thriller lover will devour."
They Never Learn (2020)
Layne Fargo
"They Never Learn by Layne Fargo is a fierce, feminist suspense that gives power to the powerless and takes vigilante justice to a whole new, brilliant level. Fargo’s protagonist is a woman hell-bent on righting the wrongs done to women, and I cheered her on through every raw, gripping word. My heart pounded, and like the main character, I was filled with rage and ultimately completely satisfied with each of her actions. Spectacular and propulsive, this is a powerhouse of a novel."
The Lady Upstairs (2020)
Halley Sutton
"An astonishing and brilliant debut. A twisty, perfectly plotted, feminist crime noir that juxtaposes the glittering LA social scene with its gritty underbelly, this thriller sizzles with tension. Sutton is a sensational writer, with one of the most intriguing protagonists I've ever come across. She is an author everyone will be talking about."
Loss Lake (2020)
Amber Cowie
"Amber Cowie is a gifted storyteller. In Loss Lake, she creates a stunning suspense about dangerous small-town secrets that threaten the lives of its residents, and its latest newcomer. Sentence by gorgeous sentence, Cowie reveals an intricately woven, powerful plot, unveiling the depths of the characters and their lies. A magnificent read crackling with tension."
The Star-Crossed Sisters of Tuscany (2020)
Lori Nelson Spielman
"In The Star-Crossed Sisters of Tuscany, Lori Nelson Spielman has created a stunning, heartwarming, multi-generational story of family secrets and self-discovery, spanning the globe from New York to Italy. Emilia, Poppy, and Lucy's deeply emotional, life-changing, and life-affirming journeys instantly captured my heart, broke it then put it back together. Spielman will make you believe everything you want to be is possible."
Do No Harm (2021)
Christina McDonald
"With her trademark emotionally gripping, outstanding writing, Christina McDonald tackles the moral and ethical lines crossed by a doctor desperate to save her child. A stunning gut-punch of a suspense novel, Do No Harm expertly merges the dangers of the opioid crisis with a mother's love, leaving readers gasping for more. A breathtaking read."
Safe and Sound (2021)
Philippa East
"In this taut, tantalizing suspense, Philippa East constructs a seamless plot with a breathless pace. Safe and Sound is gripping, spellbinding, and completely addictive. East is a stunning, must-read voice in the thriller genre."
Just One Look (2021)
Lindsay Cameron
"Gripping, darkly funny, and razor-sharp . . . a brilliant suspense debut, with a multifaceted, sympathetic heroine to root for (no matter how devious she may seem), and a perfectly paced sinister plotline. I could not tear my eyes away for a second."
Lucky (2021)
Marissa Stapley
"Stapley’s gorgeous writing cuts to the bone, and her grifter heroine, both vulnerable and fierce, is driven by a genius premise. With equally compelling alternate timelines, Stapley takes readers on a gripping, heart-wrenching journey of resilience, hope, and redemption. A stunning read!"

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