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Marissa Stapley is a journalist and the author of the acclaimed novel Mating for Life. She writes page-turning, deeply emotional fiction about families, friends, and women's lives. She lives in Toronto with her family.

Genres: Mystery, General Fiction
   Legacy (2019) (with Regina Calcaterra, Adria J Cimino, J J Hensley, Kristopher Jansma, Paula Young Lee, Vicki Lesage, Jenny Milchman, Didier Quemener and David Whitehouse)
Marissa Stapley recommends
Small Great Things (2016)
(Ruth Jefferson, book 1)
Jodi Picoult
"Picoult carefully shows how close the dangerous beliefs of someone like Turk can come to all of us, and also how the seemingly innocuous prejudices of a person like Kennedy can do just as much damage. . . . I admire her for telling this particular story, even if some might feel parts of it aren’t hers to tell. . . . It’s a story that should be told, no matter the pitfalls, and I hope other well-known authors follow Picoult’s brave path, forcing their captive audiences to face unpleasant facts and perhaps enact change—even if the only change is talking about things we normally keep hidden inside."
A French Wedding (2017)
Hannah Tunnicliffe
"A French Wedding is a delectable page turner with huge heart from an author who has proven herself to be an expert at creating endearing characters and compelling stories. Hannah Tunnicliffe writes with warmth and emotional depth about life in all its stages and love in all its forms. A bonus: she writes about food with true passion too, which makes this novel even easier to devour!"
Still Water (2018)
(Clare and Malcolm, book 2)
Amy Stuart
"Instantly captivating, mysterious and relevant—Amy Stuart has done it again!"
The Quintland Sisters (2019)
Shelley Wood
"This gorgeously written novel about miracles, love and resilience is perfect for fans of Joanna Goodman."
Recipe for a Perfect Wife (2019)
Karma Brown
"Recipe for a Perfect Wife is as witty, charming, and insightful as anything Karma Brown has written to date, but it's also got something more: it cuts straight to the heart of modern marriage by going back in time. Flawless transitions between past and present remind us of how far we've come while Brown's penetrating prose deftly underscores the importance of staying the course on the journey ahead. This timely novel is alarming and unforgettable, illuminating and ominous--and perfect for your next book club discussion!"
The Forgotten Home Child (2020)
Genevieve Graham
"Another gem from one of my favourite historical fiction authors! Graham reveals our past--both the shame and the hope of it--in the truest possible light. In doing so, she offers promise that the future can be changed by the telling of such important stories. This novel is heartbreaking yet romantic, distressing yet charming--and perfect for fans of Joanna Goodman and Jennifer Robson!"
Better Luck Next Time (2020)
Kate Hilton
"Kate Hilton's writing reminds me of Nora Ephron's work: it's laugh-out-loud funny, with startling observations about life, love, family and reinvention at any age. Witty, poignant, and deeply observant, I loved every moment I spent with Hilton's latest novel!"
Tell Me My Name (2020)
Erin Ruddy
"This is a chilling, propulsive debut perfect for fans of Shari Lapena and Lisa Jewell. Clear your schedule and prepare to lose a few nights of sleep! You won’t be needing a bookmark."
Waiting for a Star to Fall (2020)
Kerry Clare
"Timely and entertaining on the surface—but crack through to its core and discover a deep and thought-provoking meditation on the flaws and foibles of humanity. This book is beautifully, brutally honest, reminded me of being 23, made me forgive myself my lapses in judgment—and, made me long for whatever Kerry Clare will write next. Fans of Emily Giffin and Curtis Sittenfeld take note: This is your next read."
Loss Lake (2020)
Amber Cowie
"This is a thriller with a beating heart and a vivid soul. Amber Cowie delivers the kind of breathless page turner we’ve come to expect from her, but Loss Lake has something more: a vivid setting, an emotional undercurrent that will pull you under, a mythical bent that is unexpected, gorgeous and terrifying—and an ending that will stay with you long after you’ve read the last line."
The Push (2021)
Ashley Audrain
"The Push is written on the edge of a knife. It's a howl in the face of what we think we know - or want to believe - about motherhood. Relentlessly compelling, distressing and beautiful, Ashley Audrain's debut is the next Gone Girl, with shades of We Need to Talk About Kevin. I devoured it whole."

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