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Trish Wylie was born in County Antrim in Northern Ireland. As a teenager, Wylie voraciously read Harlequin romance novels and often told her friends that she would one day write for the publishing house. After she left school she tried briefly to write novels, but decided that she needed more life experience before her novels would be realistic. She began writing again years later, and, after two rounds of revisions, Harlequin purchased her first manuscript, The Bridal Bet. Romantic Times described this first novel, published in 2005, as an "amusing yet strongly emotional and sexy story."

Wyile has been twice nominated for a Romantic Times Reviewer's Choice Award, winning in 2005.

Genres: Romance
   His Irish Bride (2009) (with Lynne Graham and Abby Green)
   Escape for Valentines (2012) (with Caroline Anderson and Barbara Dunlop)
   His Mistress Proposal? (2012) (with Kimberly Lang and Susan Napier)
   Will He Ask Her to Be His Bride? (2012) (with Catherine George and Patricia Thayer)
   Mills & Boon Christmas 10 Book Gift Box (2012) (with Ally Blake, Anna DePalo, Robyn Grady, Kate Hardy, Janette Kenny, Carol Marinelli, Melanie Milburne, Sarah Morgan and Carole Mortimer)
   Diamonds are for Marriage (2013) (with Jennie Adams and Margaret Way)
   Bedded for His Pleasure (2013) (with Kate Hardy and Heidi Rice)
   The Bachelor's Cinderella (2014) (with Dianne Drake and Myrna Mackenzie)
   His After-Hours Mistress (2015) (with Tina Duncan and Anne McAllister)
   His Girl Next Door (2015) (with Soraya Lane and Jessica Steele)
   One Summer In New York (2019) (with Andrea Bolter and Jessica Gilmore)
   A Modern Cinderella (2019) (with Kate Hardy and Barbara Wallace)
   One Season And Dynasties Collection (2020) (with Leanne Banks, Andrea Bolter, Alison Child, Stacy Connelly, Kathie DeNosky, Al Ewing, Marie Ferrarella, Jessica Gilmore, Barbara Hannay, Anne Oliver, RaeAnne Thayne, Gina Wilkins, Eileen Wilks and Scarlet Wilson)
   One Season Collection (2020) (with Andrea Bolter, Stacy Connelly, Marie Ferrarella, Jessica Gilmore, Abigail Gordon, Barbara Hannay, Raye Morgan, Anne Oliver, RaeAnne Thayne, Gina Wilkins and Scarlet Wilson)
   Cinderella And Prince Charming Collections (2020) (with Jules Bennett, Amalie Berlin, Susan Carlisle, Maureen Child, Caitlin Crews, Anna DePalo, Robyn Donald, Liz Field, Lynne Graham, Kate Hardy, Marion Lennox, Carol Marinelli and Barbara Wallace)
   The Cinderella Collection (2020) (with Jules Bennett, Amalie Berlin, Susan Carlisle, Maureen Child, Caitlin Crews, Lynne Graham, Chris Marie Green, Kate Hardy, Jessica Hart, Sharon Kendrick, Marion Lennox, Carol Marinelli, Rodman Philbrick and Barbara Wallace)