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Myrna was not quite two years old when her parents moved from the small town of Campbell, Missouri to the suburbs of Chicago. That move from small town to city, from homey to bustling, has pretty much characterized Mackenzie's life. She's always had a quiet center with an urge to be a bit adventurous just lurking in the corners.

Genres: Romance, Romantic Suspense
   Montana Bred (2002) (with Christine Scott)
   Baby and All (2003) (with Candace Camp and Victoria Pade)
   Parker Project / Blind Attraction (2004) (with Joan Elliott Pickart)
   Inheritance / Very Special Delivery (2005) (with Marie Ferrarella)
   Billionaire's Secret Baby / The Billionaire is Back (2008) (with Carol Devine)
   Bought by the Rich Man (2009) (with Julia James and Jane Porter)
   Cowgirl Makes Three / Her Secret Rival (2010) (with Abby Gaines)
   Riches to Rags Bride / The Heiress's Baby (2011) (with Lilian Darcy)
   Housekeeper at His Command (2011) (with Caroline Anderson and Diana Hamilton)
   Once Upon a Time in Tarrula / To Wed a Rancher (2011) (with Jennie Adams)
   Taming the Lost Prince / Inherited: Expectant Cinderella (2012) (with Raye Morgan)
   A Puppy for Christmas (2012) (with Nikki Logan and Carole Mortimer)
   The Count's Christmas Baby/The Rancher's Unexpected Family (2012) (with Rebecca Winters)
   Weekend in Vegas! (2014) (with Jackie Braun and Shirley Jump)
   8 Magnificent Millionaires (2014) (with Ally Blake, Maggie Cox, Catherine George, Metsy Hingle, Kathryn Ross, Susan Stephens and Cathy Williams)
   Wedding Wishes (2014) (with Liz Fielding and Christie Ridgway)
   The Bachelor's Cinderella (2014) (with Dianne Drake and Trish Wylie)
   New Arrivals: His Inherited Family (2015) (with Barbara Dunlop and Maxine Sullivan)
   Wedding Vows (2015) (with Liz Fielding and Shirley Jump)
   One Kiss in... Paris (2015) (with Robyn Grady and Dana Marton)
   To Have And To Hold (2018) (with Helen Lacey and Cathy Gillen Thacker)
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