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Jessica Steele

UK flag (1933 - )

Jessica Steele was born on May 9, 1933 in the elegant Warwickshire town of Royal Leamington Spa. She has two super brothers, Colin and George, and alovely sister, Elizabeth. She was a delicate child and missed a lot of school. In fact, she left school at aged 14, when she was diagnosed as having tuberculosis. At 16, she started work as a junior clerk. In 1967,Jessica married with her husband, Peter and within a very short space of time they had moved from her hometown to the lovely area where they nowlive. Their house is built into the side of a hill, and has beautiful views over more hills and valleys. Her brothers and her sister are very close andshe has plenty of nephews and nieces to make up for the fact that she and her husband have no children of their own. Both she and her husband are morethan a little dog-oriented, and their current dog is a Staffordshire bull terrier named Florence. Florence is gorgeous. She loves everybody but, sinceshe is 40 pounds of dynamite and would hurl her boisterous self at everyone she meets - given half a chance - she has to be restrained (as much aspossible). She is fun.

Her husband spurred Jessica on to her writing career, giving her every support while she did what she considers her five-year apprenticeship (therejection years) while learning how to write. She published her first books in 1979. Jessica has tried using a typewriter, but it just doesn't work forher. She is much happier writing in longhand, and in actual fact has a dozen or so fountain pens filled and ready to go at the start of any one session.A friend has a secretarial agency and, after deciphering Jessica's writing, returns an immaculately typed manuscript. To gain authentic background forher books, she has travelled and researched in Greece, Russia, Egypt, Mexico, Peru, Chile, Hong Kong, China and Japan.
The Icicle Heart (1979)
Spring Girl (1979)
Pride's Master (1979)
Hostile Engagement (1979)
Intimate Friends (1979)
Hostage to Dishonour (1979)
Turbulent Covenant (1980)
The Other Woman (1980)
The Magic of His Kiss (1980)
Price to be Met (1980)
Devil in Disguise (1980)
Innocent Abroad (1981)
Bachelor's Wife (1981)
Gallant Antagonist (1981)
The Other Brother (1981)
Dishonest Woman (1982)
But Know Not Why (1982)
Distrust Her Shadow (1982)
Tethered Liberty (1983)
Intimate Enemies (1983)
No Quiet Refuge (1983)
Tomorrow - Come Soon (1983)
Reluctant Relative (1983)
Imprudent Challenge (1984)
Bond of Vengeance (1984)
Ruthless in All (1984)
Facade (1984)
No Holds Barred (1984)
No Honourable Compromise (1985)
A Promise to Dishonour (1985)
Misleading Encounter (1986)
So Near, So Far (1986)
Beyond Her Control (1986)
Relative Strangers (1987)
Unfriendly Alliance (1987)
Fortunes of Love (1988)
Without Love (1988)
When the Loving Stopped (1988)
To Stay Forever (1989)
Farewell to Love (1989)
Frozen Enchantment (1989)
Unfriendly Proposition (1989)
Passport to Happiness (1990)
Hidden Heart (1990)
A First Time for Everything (1990)
Without Knowing Why (1991)
Flight of Discovery (1991)
Runaway from Love (1991)
His Woman (1991)
Bad Neighbours (1991)
Hungarian Rhapsody (1992)
Destined to Meet (1992)
Relative Values (1993)
West of Bohemia (1993)
Italian Invader (1993)
Heartless Pursuit (1995)
A Business Engagement (1997)
The Trouble with Trent! (1997)
Temporary Girlfriend (1997)
A Most Eligible Bachelor (1998)
Nine-to-five Affair (1999)
The Bachelor's Bargain (1999)
A Suitable Husband (2001)
His Pretend Mistress (2002)
An Accidental Engagement (2003)
A Pretend Engagement (2004)
A Most Suitable Wife (2005)
Promise Of A Family (2006)
Her Hand In Marriage (2006)
The Boss and His Secretary (2007)
Engaged to Be Married? (2008)
Falling for Her Convenient Husband (2009)

The Jasmine Bride / Sweet Promise / Turbulent Covenant (1987) (with Daphne Clair and Janet Dailey)
Island of Escape / Stormy Affair / Hostile Engagement (1987) (with Dorothy Cork and Margaret Mayo)
Trodden Paths / Voyage of the Mistral / Innocent Abroad (1989) (with Jacqueline Gilbert and Madeleine Ker)
9 to 5 (1998) (with Lindsay Armstrong and Susan Napier)
After Hours (1999) (with Helen Brooks and Catherine George)
Contract Husbands (2003) (with Helen Brooks and Catherine George)
Marrying the Boss (2003) (with Helen Brooks and Alison Roberts)
Misleading Encounter / Fortunes of Love (2004)
White Wedding (2004) (with Judy Christenberry and Margaret Way)
A Christmas To Remember (2004) (with Debbie Macomber and Betty Neels)
Feisty Fiancee / Bachelor in Need (2005)
All I Want for Christmas... (2005) (with Betty Neels and Margaret Way)
After Office Hours... (2006) (with Helen Brooks and Lee Wilkinson)
Bedded by Her Boss (2007) (with Amanda Browning and Sharon Kendrick)
Mistress by Persuasion (2008) (with Robyn Donald and Lee Wilkinson)
The Boss's Proposal (2008) (with Patricia Thayer and Margaret Way)
Girl from Honeysuckle Farm / One Dance with the Cowboy (2009) (with Donna Alward)
Master of Mallarinka / Hired: His Personal Assistant (2009) (with Margaret Way)
The Right Bride (2010) (with Sara Craven and Sandra Field)
Boardrooms of Power (2014) (with Heidi Betts, Anna DePalo, Myrna Mackenzie, Shirley Rogers and Cathy Williams)
One Kiss in... London (2015) (with Helen Brooks and Carol Marinelli)
His Girl Next Door (2015) (with Soraya Lane and Trish Wylie)
Be My Bride (2016) (with Natalie Anderson and Kathie DeNosky)
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