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Tom Bradby

UK flag (b.1967)

Tom Bradby is a journalist and novelist. He has been political editor for ITV News since July 2005. He was born in Malta in 1967 and was educated in Britain at Westbourne House School, Sherborne School and the University of Edinburgh. He joined ITN as an editorial trainee in 1990 and subsequently became producer for Michael Brunson, ITN's political editor, in 1992.

Bradby spent three years (1993-96) as Ireland correspondent, during which time he covered the peace process, the IRA ceasefire and Bill Clinton's visit to Ireland in November 1995. From 1999-2001, he was ITV's Asia correspondent. In October 1999, he was injured whilst covering the riots in Jakarta against the newly-elected President, Abdurrahman Wahid. He was hit in the leg by a flare attached to a chain as demonstrators clashed with armed police in the Indonesian capital. He underwent a three-hour operation for a compound fracture of his fibula and spent several days in a Jakarta hospital before flying home to Hong Kong to convalesce.

After recovering from his injury, Bradby was Royal Correspondent for ITV News, covering a number of key stories, including the Queen's Jubilee year, as well as the death of the Queen Mother and Princess Margaret. He was subsequently ITV News' UK editor, and then political editor. On November 16 2010 he carried out the first official interview of Prince William and Catherine Middleton following the announcement of their engagement at St Jame's Palace.

He is married with three children.