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Nationally Best Selling Author Quincy J. Allen, is a cross-genre author with numerous short story publications in multiple anthologies, collections, and magazines. His first short story collection "Out Through the Attic," came out in 2014 from 7DS Books. He made his first short story pro-sale in 2014 with "Jimmy Krinklepot and the White Rebels of Hayberry," included in WordFire's "A Fantastic Holiday Season: The Gift of Stories," and his most recent short story sale, "Sons of the Father," appears in Larry Correia's "Monster Hunter: Files" from Baen, published in October of 2017. 

"Chemical Burn," his first novel and the first volume of the sci-fi detective noir series Endgame, was a finalist in RMFW's Colorado Gold Contest in 2011. His latest installment of the Blood War Chronicles, "Blood Curse," is book 2 in an epic fantasy series starting in the Old West and featuring a clockwork gunslinger. His first media tie-in novel, "Shadow of Ruin," set in the Aradio brothers' Colt the Outlander universe, is expected out in early February of 2018.

He is the publisher and editor of Penny Dread Tales, a short story collection in its fifth volume that has become a labor of love. He also runs RuneWright, LLC, a small marketing and book design business out of his home in Charlotte, North Carolina, and hopes to one day be a full-time writer in Baen's stable of fantastic authors.

Genres: Fantasy, Science Fiction
   Out Through the Attic (2014)
   Tales of Ruma (2018) (with Robert Bagnall, D J Butler, Steve Diamond, Andrew Dunlop, David Farland, Jonathan Ficke, Julie Frost, Martin Greening, Daniel Hand, Ethan Hedman, Kristan Janz, Jody Lynn Nye, John D Payne, Don Perrin, Aaron Michael Ritchey and R Jon Rock)
   Out Through the Attic Volume 2 (2019)
   Alien Days (2019) (with Killian Carter, PP Corcoran, Charles E Gannon, Mitch Goth, S K Gregory, J R Handley, David M Hoenig, Mark P Lynch and Corey D Truax)
   Stories For Nerds (2021) (with Elle Beaumont, Zach Chopchinski, Abby Goldsmith, Jeffery H Haskell, Raphyel M Jordan, MB Mooney, Scott Parkin and Catherine Schaff-Stump)

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