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W H Auden

(Wystan Hugh Auden)
UK flag (1907 - 1973)
   Poems (poems) (1928)
   The Orators (poems) (1932)
   Our Hunting Fathers (poems) (1935) (with Benjamin Britten)
   Sonnet (poems) (1935)
   Look, Stranger! (poems) (1936)
   On the Frontier (poems) (1938) (with Christopher Isherwood)
   Another Time (poems) (1940)
   The Double Man (poems) (1941)
   The Age of Anxiety (poems) (1947)
   Collected shorter poems,1930-1934 (poems) (1950)
   The Enchafed Flood (poems) (1951)
   Nones (poems) (1952)
   Mountains (poems) (1954)
   The Shield of Achilles (poems) (1955)
   The ascent of F.6 / On the frontier (1958) (with Christopher Isherwood)
   W H Auden: A selection by the author (poems) (1958)
   Homage to Clio (poems) (1960)
   Choice of Verse (poems) (1963)
   About the House (poems) (1965)
   Collected Shorter Poems, 1927-1957 (poems) (1966)
   Selected Poetry and Prose (1967)
   Collected Longer Poems (poems) (1968)
   Secondary Worlds (poems) (1968)
   Selected Poems (poems) (1968)
   City Without Walls, and Other Poems (poems) (1969)
   Natural linguistics (for Peter Salus) (poems) (1970)
   Certain World (poems) (1971)
   Academic Graffiti (poems) (1971)
   Epistle to a Godson, (poems) (1972)
   Selected Songs of Thomas Campion (poems) (1972)
   Selections from poems by Auden (poems) (1974)
   Thank You, Fog (poems) (1974)
   Collected Poems (poems) (1976)
   W. H. Auden Collected Poems (1976)
   The English Auden (1977)
   Sue (poems) (1977)
   The Platonic Blow (poems) (1981)
   Norse Poems (1981)
   The Prolific and the Devourer (poems) (1981)
   Auden: Five poems (poems) (1983)
   Poems and Prose (poems) (1985)
   Plays and Other Dramatic Writings by W.H.Auden, 1928-38 (1989)
   Poems 1927-1929 (1989)
   Auden and the Other (poems) (1990)
   The Map of All My Youth (poems) (1990)
   W.H.Auden Reading His Poetry (poems) (1993)
   The Complete Works of W.H. Auden (1993)
   Libretti and Other Dramatic Writings, 1939-1973 (1993)
   Juvenilia (poems) (1994)
   Tell Me the Truth About Love (poems) (1994)
   The Language of Learning and the Language of Love (poems) (1994)
   Poems: Auden (poems) (1995)
   As I Walked Out One Evening (1995)
   In Solitude, for Company (poems) (1996)
   Auden Reads Auden (poems) (1996)
   Auden's Prose: 1926-38 v. 1 (poems) (1996)
   Complete Works of WH Auden: Prose and Travel Books in Prose and Verse, 1926-1938 (1997)
   This Lunar Beauty (poems) (1998)
   W.H. Auden Poems Selected by John Fuller (poems) (2000)
   Auden's Prose: 1926-1948 v. 2 (poems) (2002)
   The Complete Works of W.H.Auden: Prose: 1939-1948 v. 2 (poems) (2002)
   Complete Poems of W.H. Auden (poems) (2002)
   Collected Auden (poems) (2004)
   Havamal Words Of The High One (poems) (2004)
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W H Auden recommends
Greybeards At Play (1900)
G K Chesterton
"Contains some of the best pure nonsense verse in English... Surely, it is high time such enchanting pieces should be made readily available... By natural gifts, Chesterton was, I think, essentially a comic poet."

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