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Chris Beckett is a former social worker and now university lecturer who lives in Cambridge. He is the author of twelve stories for Interzone: three of them, "La Macchina" (issue 46), "The Welfare Man" (issue 74) and "Valour" (issue 141 ) were taken for anthologies. "La Macchina" appeared in Gardner Dozois's The Year's Best SF and in another US anthology, Gendanken Fictions. "The Welfare Man" appeared in The Best of Interzone; "Valour" and "The Marriage of Sky and Sea" were both taken for Year's Best Science Fiction 5 (Harper Eos); and "The Warrior Half-and-Half" features in the Big Engine Interzone collection The Ant-Men of Tibet and Other Stories.

Genres: Science Fiction
Anthologies containing stories by Chris Beckett
Short stories
The Welfare Man (1993)

Arthur C. Clarke Award Best Book winner (2013) : Dark Eden
British Science Fiction Association Best Book nominee (2015) : Mother of Eden
British Science Fiction Association Best Book nominee (2016) : Daughter of Eden

Chris Beckett recommends
Dream Paris (2015)
(Dream World, book 2)
Tony Ballantyne
"A real feat of imagination, this is a really exceptional book, unlike anything I've read before."

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