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Holly Brown

Holly has been creating and writing stories since she was five years old, growing up in a small farming community of rural Idaho. As wife to one of America's finest Soldiers, and mother of three young sons, she spend her time and talents attempting to create a nurturing and safe environment for her family.

Most days she can be found with dark circles under her eyes in lieu of makeup; instead of perfume, baby spit up and at any given time, is guaranteed to have one or three boys attached to her legs. Holly attended Utah Valley State College where she studied History and Political Science.

Genres: Mystery
Holly Brown recommends
The Blackbird Season (2017)
Kate Moretti
"The characters are authentically flawed and believable, and part of the mystery is the unfolding of their motivations… The Blackbird Season is about how people - teens and adults alike - get lost and disconnected. All that, plus a suspenseful mystery - what more can you ask for?"

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