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Kate Moretti lives in Pennsylvania with her husband, two kids, and a dog. She's worked in the pharmaceutical industry for ten years as a scientist, and has been an avid fiction reader her entire life.

She enjoys traveling and cooking, although with two kids, a day job, and writing, she doesn't get to do those things as much as she'd like. Her lifelong dream is to buy an old house with a secret passageway.

Genres: Mystery
Kate Moretti recommends
The Promise of Forgiveness (2016)
Marin Thomas
"Resonates with the power of redemption and absolution while exploring the idea of choosing your own family. A complex novel that examines the mother-daughter bond and the lengths a person will go to to be forgiven."
The Housekeeper (2017)
Suellen Dainty
"Gorgeous writing, wonderful characterization, immersive atmosphere and a final twist that I did not see coming!"
Knottspeed (2017)
Jeff Johnson
"Phillip Marlowe meets Huston's Joe Pitt, Knottspeed is legendary, irreverent, and deeply funny. A philosophical love letter to vagabonds and outcasts everywhere."
Follow Me Down (2017)
Sherri Smith
"Whip smart exploration of how well we know anyone in our lives, even a twin brother. The plot was engrossing, Mia was compelling, and the small town made the hair on the back of my neck stand up. You'll flip the pages long into the night to find out what happened to Lucas, but you'll never guess the explosive ending!"
Two Lost Boys (2017)
(Janet Moodie, book 1)
L F Robertson
"Unique and brutally honest. A must-read."
The Good Widow (2017)
Liz Fenton and Lisa Steinke
"The writing is sharp and evocative, the Hawaiian setting is spectacular, and the ending was a wonderful, twisty surprise. A quintessential summer beach read!"
The Weight of Lies (2017)
Emily Carpenter
"The Weight of Lies is a hypnotic, suspenseful page-turner that examines the fraught relationship between a famous mother and her troubled daughter, culminating in spine-tingling twists and turns. Emily Carpenter is THE Southern Gothic QUEEN."
Are You Sleeping (2017)
Kathleen Barber
"Beautifully and sympathetically written, ARE YOU SLEEPING? is a murder whodunit, a social commentary, and an exploration of sisterly bonds all in one."
The Fifth of July (2017)
Kelly Simmons
"Gorgeously written and fully immersive. I could feel the salt air and the crackle of secrets."
All the Little Children (2017)
Jo Furniss
"Jo Furniss’s debut All the Little Children is unique, gorgeously written, and absolutely terrifying. With all the mystique of a dystopian novel, Furniss deftly explores the idea of ‘sacrificing one for the good of many,’ even when that one is your own child. Utterly compelling!"
Left to Chance (2017)
Amy Sue Nathan
"In Left to Chance, Teddi Lerner returns to Chance, Ohio after bolting during her best friend's funeral six years ago. She faces her old friends, a former flame, and an adorably spunky -niece- only to discover that the definition of family is both acutely intimate and ever evolving. Amy Sue Nathan, with her signature humor, deep insight, and elegant prose, shows us that the price of admission for a life full of love and friendship is a beautiful kind of chaos."
Here We Lie (2018)
Paula Treick DeBoard
"A complex look at the long-standing consequences of privilege and toxic masculinity…. Compulsively readable!"
Not That I Could Tell (2018)
Jessica Strawser
"In NOT THAT I COULD TELL, Strawser tackles the secrets of suburbia, domestic abuse, and friendship in a gripping story about a neighboring family gone missing. The characters are unique, engaging, and relatable and the ending is both surprising and poignant. Fans of Liane Moriarty will adore Jessica Strawser; she’s a huge talent!"
The Good Liar (2018)
Catherine McKenzie
"A riveting story that revolves around the aftermath of a national tragedy: three women, three separate yet deftly intertwined lives. I adored the look at the story behind the story, the background lives of the women we so often see in the news. The twists are shocking, the characters are well drawn but unpredictable, and the conclusion is as poignant as it is surprising. The Good Liar is thrilling, captivating, and not to be missed!"
The Banker's Wife (2018)
Cristina Alger
"If you enjoyed The Darlings like I did, you'll LOVE The Banker's Wife. International intrigue, glitz, and glamour all tangled in an intricately crafted plot. Both Annabel and Marina are smart, strong female leads who make bold choices--my favorite kind of characters. This is Alger's best book yet!"
Silent Hearts (2018)
Gwen Florio
"Gorgeous. Illuminating. Resonant. Thrilling. I've read and adored Gwen Florio's Lola Wicks series but Silent Hearts shows us a new side of Florio's talent as an expert on Afghani culture and politics. The heroines are strong-willed, resilient, intricately flawed, and both less-than-perfect. A masterful story that surprises and deserves every single accolade it's sure to get . . . and then some."
Not Her Daughter (2018)
Rea Frey
"The plot twists here are brave, the themes are both poignant and unsettling, and the resolution is deeply resonant. A page-turner with heart!"
River Bodies (2018)
(Northampton County, book 1)
Karen Katchur
"With a striking sense of place and a foreboding feeling of unease throughout, I was glued to the story. With relationships so complicated and layered that they feel like your own and plot twists that will leave you gasping, River Bodies is an unforgettable read."
Her Secret Son (2019)
Hannah Mary McKinnon
"Juicy, compulsive, twisty and truly surprising...The Neighbors is a stellar debut. If you like Liane Moriarty, you'll love Hannah Mary McKinnon A must read!"
Lock Every Door (2019)
Riley Sager
"Lock Every Door is a gem: fast-paced, crisp writing, stellar character development. Riley Sager's best book yet!"
Stories We Never Told (2020)
Sonja Yoerg
"Sonja Yoerg expands her literary repertoire into suspense with Stories We Never Told, a tale of obsession, love, secrets, marriage, and the lies we tell ourselves. The prose is lyrical and immersive, and the story builds delicious tension. But the characters are where Yoerg truly shines: they’re all so keenly developed, so realistic, and so surprising with their own crackling takes on relationships, academia, and each other that the story itself starts to feel almost immaterial. Until, of course, it shocks the living hell out of you."
The Swap (2020)
Robyn Harding
"Robyn Harding is an expert at slowly building creeping dread and The Swap was no exception. In what is undoubtedly her best book yet, Harding explores toxic friendships, obsession, and swinging, bringing a lonely, slightly sociopathic teenager into center of it all. The outcome is explosive, sexy, and completely absorbing. The Swap is guaranteed to be a must read this summer!"
The Wicked Sister (2020)
Karen Dionne
"Fresh, truly original, and utterly unpredictable, Karen Dionne is at the top of her game with the gorgeously told The Wicked Sister. I devoured this book in one sitting! It's hard to balance complex and heartrending familial relationships with pulse-pounding suspense, but somehow this book does exactly that. Propulsive and terrifying to the very shocking end!"
Into the Sound (2021)
Cara Reinard
"I'm always a sucker for a sister book and Into the Sound delivers in spades. The pace is electric, and the twists are completely unpredictable, but underneath the high-tension story is a fraught, but very real and complicated bond forged in childhood trauma. Reinard includes a tangle with the mob, and a delve into the psychology of false memories, all without letting up the pace. Harlan Coben fans will love Into the Sound, especially if they're looking for a female protagonist and some deeper meaning. Highly recommended!"
In Her Defense (2022)
(Riversedge Law Club, book 1)
Amy Impellizzeri
"Courtroom dramatics, corrupt judges, blackmailing and backstabbing lawyers, and a legal cat and mouse between a lawyer and her own client. Add in an affair between a lawyer's husband and the client, a soon to be demolished strip club, and a string of murders and you have the makings of an on the-edge-of-your-seat, can't-put-down-read! In between all the legal maneuverings, Impellizzeri's characters are flawed and poignant, their relationships are multi-layered, and the end is truly both tender and surprising."

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