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Kim Taylor Blakemore's latest The Companion, a historical suspense, was published in early 2020 by Lake Union Publishing. The manuscript was a recipient of a 2018 Regional Arts and Culture Council grant, and winner of a 2018 Tucson Festival of the Books Literary Award. Other novels include Bowery Girl, set in 1883 New York; and Cissy Funk, a Willa Literary Award winner for Best YA Novel.

She is a member of Women's Fiction Writing Association and Historical Novel Society, and teaches Craft of Fiction and Historical Fiction workshops with PDX Writers in Portland, Oregon.

Outside of writing, she is a veteran saber fencer, history nerd, and gothic novel lover. She lives with her family in Portland, Oregon and loves the rain. Truly. Except in the middle of winter and walking the dogs.

Genres: Historical, Literary Fiction
   Bowery Girl (2015)
   Cissy Funk (2015)
   The Companion (2020)
   After Alice Fell (2021)
   The Deception (2022)
Anthologies edited
   Echoes (2023)
Kim Taylor Blakemore recommends
Where Ivy Dares to Grow (2023)
Marielle Thompson
"The novel tugs at the heart, filled with yearning for a real love who sees you as you really are, and the journey to step from the shadows to the sun."
The Half-Life of Ruby Fielding (2022)
Lydia Kang
"Lydia Kang does it again. The Half-Life of Ruby Fielding is riveting. Set in Brooklyn and New York City at the height of World War II, we are dropped into a world where no one can be trusted. The Manhattan Project is in its early stages and the key to winning the war. But who works for who? Not only are loyalties to country challenged, but family loyalties as well. Characters' motives and desires shift and twist. No one is who they claim to be. And in the middle of it all is the strange, alluring, and enigmatic Ruby Fielding, who may undo them all. A marvelous, complex, and thrilling read."
Parting the Veil (2021)
Paulette Kennedy
"Parting the Veil is a gothic romance full of sly and sometimes shocking twists and turns, with the requisite crumbling manor house, loads of secrets, and long, haunting shadows of grief. Kennedy spares no mercy for a bucolic English village that teems with lies, forbidden desires, and murder."

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