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Robert Barr

Scotland (1850 - 1912)

aka Luke Sharp

Robert Barr, a teacher, journalist, editor and novelist, born in Glasgow, Scotland and educated in Canada. In 1876 he became a member of the staff of the Detroit Free Press, in which his contributions appeared under the signature "Luke Sharp." In 1881 he removed to London, to establish the weekly English edition of the Free Press, and in 1892 he joined Jerome K Jerome in founding the Idler magazine, from whose co-editorship he retired in 1895. He was a prolific author, producing many popular novels of the day.

Genres: Mystery
   The Adventure of the Second Swag (as by Luke Sharp)
   Strange Happenings (1883)
   The Adventures of Sherlaw Kombs (1892) (as by Luke Sharp)
   In the Midst of Alarms (1894)
   The Heralds of Fame (1896)
   The Mutable Many (1896)
   One Day's Courtship (1896)
   A Woman Intervenes (1896)
   Jennie Baxter, Journalist (1899)
   Tekla (1899)
     aka The Countess Tekla
   The O'Ruddy (1903) (with Stephen Crane)
   Over the Border (1903)
   A Chicago Princess (1904)
   A Rock in the Baltic (1906)
   The Watermead Affair (1906)
   The Girl in the Case (1910)
   The Sword Maker (1910)
   Lady Eleanor, Lawbreaker (1911)
   My Enemy Jones (1913)
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   In A Steamer Chair (1892)
   From Whose Bourne (1893) (as by Luke Sharp)
   The Face and the Mask (1895)
   Revenge! (1896)
   The Strong Arm (1899)
   A Prince of Good Fellows (1902)
   The Woman Wins (1904)
     aka The Lady Electra
   The Triumphs of Eugene Valmont (1906)
   The Helping Hand and other stories (1910)
   Tales of Two Continents (1920)
   Selected Stories (1977)
   Three Men in the Dark (2017) (with Jerome K Jerome and Barry Pain)
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Novellas and Short Stories
Omnibus editions
Anthologies containing stories by Robert Barr
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Short stories
The Hour and the Man
Not According to the Code
The Doom of London (1892)
Purification (1896)
The Vengeance of the Dead (1896)
The Absent-Minded Coterie [short story] (1906)
Lord Chizelrigg's Missing Fortune [short story] (1906)

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