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Barry Pain

(Barry Eric Odell Pain)
UK flag (1864 - 1928)

Barry Eric Odell Pain was an English journalist, poet and writer. He became a prominent contributor to The Granta. He was known as a writer of parody and lightly humourous stories. In 1889, Cornhill Magazine's editor, James Payn, published his story The Hundred Gates, and shortly afterwards Pain became a contributor to Punch and The Speaker, and joined the staffs of the Daily Chronicle and Black and White. Pain's works include: In a Canadian Canoe (1891), papers reprinted from The Granta: Playthings and Parodies (1892), The Kindness of the Celestial (1894), The Octave of Claudius (1897), Eliza (1900), Another English Woman's Love Letters (1901), The Shadow of the Unseen (1907), An Exchange of Souls (1911) and others.
Anthologies containing stories by Barry Pain
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Short stories
A Considerable Murder
The Face of the Corpse
The Giraffe Problem
Not on the Passenger-List
On Green Paper
The Refugees
The Glass of Supreme Moments (1891)
The Case of Vincent Pyrwhit (1901)
The End of a Show (1901)
The Gray Cat (1901)
The Green Light (1901)
The Moon-Slave (1901)
The Undying Thing (1901)
Rose Rose (1910)
The Four-Fingered Hand (1911)
Linda (1911)
Smeath (1911)
The Tower (1911)
The Unfinished Game (1911)
Miracles (1996)