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Win Blevins

(Winfred Blevins)
USA flag (b.1938)
Husband of Meredith Blevins

Win Blevins rushed out of Arkansas and Missouri, passionate to get to college. Then he rushed through an early marriage, teaching positions in colleges, and good jobs as a reviewer of music, theater, and music in Los Angeles, passionate to write books.

The outward result of all this energy has been fourteen novels (including STONE SONG, which won the Spur award and the Mountains and Plains Booksellers award for fiction), three volumes of informal history, a volume of natural history, and a dictionary. He has also sold five screenplays, and countless short stories and magazine and newspaper articles.

He says he considers writing for a living an indescribable blessing. He lives with his wife Meredith, the center of his life, in the canyon country of the Four Corners. Aside from writing and his family, his loves are his spiritual path, music, hiking, and collecting stories.

Genres: Western, General Fiction