Edwin Corley's picture

Edwin Corley

(Patrick Buchanan William Judson)
USA flag (1931 - 1981)

aka Patrick Buchanan, David Harper

Edwin Ray Corley was born on October 22nd, 1931, in Bayonne, New Jersey, and passed away on November 7th, 1981, in Gulfport, Mississippi. During the intervening 50 years, his career varied from that of an underage Air Force staff sergeant to a carnival fire-eater to a vice-president of a leading advertising agency.
   Siege (1969)
   Hijacked (1970) (as by David Harper)
     aka Skyjacked
   The Jesus Factor (1970)
   Big Saturday (1971) (as by David Harper)
   Farewell, My Slightly Tarnished Hero (1971)
   Acapulco Gold (1972)
   The Green Air (1973) (as by David Harper)
   The Patchwork Man (1975) (as by David Harper)
   Shadows (1975)
   The Hanged Men (1976) (as by David Harper)
   Sargasso (1977)
   Air Force One (1978)
   The Genesis Rock (1980)
   Long Shots (1981)
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