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Joshua Aaron Cohen (born September 6, 1980 in New Jersey) is an American novelist and writer of stories.

Genres: Literary Fiction

Non fiction
Pulitzer Prize for Fiction Best Book winner (2022) : The Netanyahus

Joshua Cohen recommends
The Dead (2018)
Christian Kracht
"The Dead is the beautiful, brilliant, and utterly mad novel that Thomas Mann would have written had he known the East like Yukio Mishima and loved his adopted Hollywood with the gusto of Nathanael West."
The Index of Self-Destructive Acts (2020)
Christopher Beha
"Beha’s marvelous new novel is about, and more often than not exemplifies, pretty much everything good that New York City has lost in the past few bad years: wit, liberalism, journalism, and the dignity of self-destruction."
The Appointment (2020)
Katharina Volckmer
"Katharina Volckmer is a wild new talent, and unlike, say, twentieth-century Europe, The Appointment succeeds in justifying its obscenities."
The Passenger (2021)
Ulrich Alexander Boschwitz
"The Passenger, a newly recovered classic of the end of Jewish Europe, dramatizes the route to hell with indignant clarity, passion, intelligence, and rueful goddamned humor."
My Father's Diet (2022)
Adrian Nathan West
"Adrian Nathan West, one of our best translators, is also one of our best novelists. He gives such solemn care to such mundane American pap and crap even while denying any redemptive power to the effort and it's that denial-sorrowful, but without anger, without delusion-that constitutes his brilliance. My Father's Diet is among the most ruthlessly true chronicles of the culture-of the patrimony-that we, all of us, have ruined."
Bad Eminence (2022)
James Greer
"With eye and ear and tongue--and oh brother, what a tongue!--James Greer is the leading Renaissance Man for our current and possibly terminal Dark Ages."

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