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James Blish

(James Benjamin Blish)
USA flag (1921 - 1975)
Husband of J A Lawrence

aka William Atheling Jr, Donald Laverty, Marcus Lyons, John MacDougal, Arthur Merlyn

Genres: Science Fiction, Fantasy, Mystery

Series contributed to
Black Cat Weekly
   24. Black Cat Weekly #24 (2022) (with Charles Beaumont, Hal Charles, teve Hockensmith, Ernest Hogan, Malcolm Jameson, C M Kornbluth, Frederik Pohl, A L Sirois and Larry Tritten)
   54. Black Cat Weekly #54 (2022) (with Arthur K Barnes, Hal Charles, Kendell Foster Crossen, Jacqueline Freimor, James Holding, Holly Wade Matter, Stephen D Rogers, Edgar Wallace and Robert Zacks)
Anthologies edited
Non fiction
   The Issue at Hand (1964) (as by William Atheling Jr)
   More Issues at Hand (1970) (as by William Atheling Jr)
   Tale That Wags the God (1987)
Anthologies containing stories by James Blish
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Short stories
A Matter of Energy
Testament of Andros
Turn of a Century
Solar Plexus (1941)
There Shall Be No Darkness (1950)
Bridge (1952)
Surface Tension (1952)
A Case of Conscience [short story] (1953)
Common Time (1953)
Earthman, Come Home [short story] (1953)
At Death's End (1954)
Beep (1954)
Get Out of My Sky [short story] (1956)
A Work of Art [short story] (1956)
The Masks (1959)
In Tomorrow's Little Black Bag (1961)
Who's in Charge Here? (1962)
No Jokes on Mars (1965)
The Shipwrecked Hotel (1965) (with Norman L Knight)Nebula Awards (nominee)
A Hero's Life (1966)
How Beautiful with Banners (1966)
Balance of Terror (1967)
Charlie's Law (1967)
The Conscience of the King (1967)
Dagger of the Mind (1967)
Miri (1967)
The Naked Time (1967)
The Unreal McCoy (1967)
Arena (1968)
The City on the Edge of Forever (1968)
Court Martial (1968)
Errand of Mercy (1968)
Operation-Annihilate (1968)
Skysign (1968)
Space Seed (1968)
A Taste of Armageddon (1968)
Tomorrow is Yesterday (1968)
Amok Time (1969)
Assignment: Earth (1969)
The Doomsday Machine (1969)
Friday's Child (1969)
The Last Gunfight (1969)
Mirror, Mirror (1969)
The Trouble with Tribbles (1969)
More Light (1970)
We All Die Naked (1970)Hugo (nominee)
All Our Yesterdays (1971)
The Devil in the Dark (1971)
The Enterprise Incident (1971)
Journey to Babel (1971)
The Menagerie (1971)
A Piece of the Action (1971)
The Apple (1972)
By Any Other Name (1972)
Catspaw (1972)
The Changeling (1972)
The Cloud Minders (1972)
The Deadly Years (1972)
Elaan of Troyius (1972)
The Enemy Within (1972)
For the World is Hollow and I Have Touched the Sky (1972)
Getting Along (1972)
Let That Be Your Last Battlefield (1972)
The Lights of Zetar (1972)
The Mark of Gideon (1972)
Metamorphosis (1972)
The Paradise Syndrome (1972)
Requiem for Methuselah (1972)
The Savage Curtain (1972)
Spock's Brain (1972)
This Side of Paradise (1972)
The Tholian Web (1972)
Turnabout Intruder (1972)
The Way to Eden (1972)
Where No Man Has Gone Before (1972)
Who Mourns for Adonais? (1972)
Whom Gods Destroy (1972)
Wolf in the Fold (1972)
The Immunity Syndrome (1973)
Obsession (1973)
The Return of the Archons (1973)
Return to Tomorrow (1973)
That Which Survives (1973)
The Ultimate Computer (1973)
The Alternative Factor (1974)
The Empath (1974)
The Galileo Seven (1974)
The Glitch (1974) (with L Jerome Stanton)
Is There in Truth No Beauty? (1974)
The Omega Glory (1974)
A Private Little War (1974)
Bread and Circuses (1975)
Day of the Dove (1975)
Plato's Stepchildren (1975)
The Squire of Gothos (1975)
What Are Little Girls Made Of? (1975)
Wink of an Eye (1975)
And the Children Shall Lead (1977)
The Corbomite Maneuver (1977)
The Gamesters of Triskelion (1977)
Patterns of Force (1977)
Shore Leave (1977)

Hugo Best Novel winner (1959) : A Case of Conscience
Nebula Awards Best Novellette nominee (1966) : The Shipwrecked Hotel
Nebula Awards Best Novel nominee (1969) : Black Easter: Or Faust Aleph-Null
Hugo Best Novella nominee (1970) : We All Die Naked

James Blish recommends
Dangerous Visions 1 (1967)
Harlan Ellison
"There has never been a collection like this before."
Pstalemate (1972)
Lester del Rey
"The telepathy novel against which all others will be weighed and found wanting."

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