Dorothy Daniels

USA flag (1915 - 2001)

aka Daniella Dorsett, Angela Gray, Cynthia Kavanaugh, Helaine Ross, Suzanne Somers, Geraldine Thayer

   The Golden Packet (as by Angela Gray)
   The Dark Rider (1961) (as by Geraldine Thayer)
   A Nurse for Doctor Keith (1962) (as by Suzanne Somers)
   From Torment to Rapture (1964)
   Island Nurse (1964)
   No Tears Tomorrow (1964) (as by Helaine Ross)
   The Sins of Tonia (1964)
   World's Fair Nurse (1964)
   Cliffside Castle (1965)
   Dance in Darkness (1965)
   Darkhaven (1965)
   The Leland Legacy (1965)
   The Lily Pond (1965)
   Marriott Hall (1965)
   The Mistress of Falcon Hill (1965)
   Mostly By Moonlight (1965)
   Shadow Glen (1965)
   The Tower Room (1965)
   The Unguarded (1965)
   Bride of Lenore (1966) (as by Cynthia Kavanaugh)
   Cruise Ship Nurse (1966)
   Dark Villa (1966)
   The Deception (1966) (as by Cynthia Kavanaugh)
   Knight in Red Armor (1966)
   The Last of the Mansions (1966)
   The Marble Leaf (1966)
     aka The Marble Angel
   Midday Moon (1966)
   The Mists of Mourning (1966) (as by Suzanne Somers)
   Mystic Manor (1966)
   Nurse At Danger Mansion (1966)
   Survivor of Darkness (1966)
   The Templeton Memoirs (1966)
   This Ancient Evil (1966)
   The Eagle's Nest (1967)
   House of False Faces (1967)
   House of the Seven Courts (1967)
   Mansion of Lost Memories (1967)
     aka House of Stolen Memories
   Screen Test For Laurel (1967)
   The Sevier Secrets (1967)
   Traitors Road (1967)
   Affair in Marrakesh (1968)
   Blue Devil Suite (1968)
   Candle in the Sun (1968)
   Duet (1968)
   Lady of the Shadows (1968)
   Affair in Hong Kong (1969)
   The Carson Inheritance (1969)
   Shadows of tomorrow (1969)
   The Spanish Chapel (1969)
   The Tormented (1969)
   Voice on the Wind (1969)
   The Apollo Fountain (1970)
   The Attic Rope (1970)
   The Curse Of Mallory Hall (1970)
   The Dark Stage (1970)
   Emerald Hill (1970)
   Journey Into Terror (1970)
   The Man from Yesterday (1970)
   The Raging Waters (1970)
   The Unearthly (1970)
   A Web of Peril (1970)
   Willow Weep (1970)
   The Ashes Of Falconwyck (1971) (as by Angela Gray)
   The Ghost Dancers (1971) (as by Angela Gray)
   The Lattimore Arch (1971) (as by Angela Gray)
   The Beaumont Tradition (1971)
   The Bell (1971)
   The House of Many Doors (1971)
   Witch's Castle (1971)
   Conover's Folly (1971)
   Diablo Manor (1971)
   Blackwell's Ghost (1972) (as by Angela Gray)
   The Dueling Oakes (1972) (as by Daniella Dorsett)
   The House on Circus Hill (1972)
   Portrait of a Witch (1972)
   The Warlock's Daughter (1972) (as by Angela Gray)
   Castle Morvant (1972)
   The Lanier Riddle (1972)
   Dark Island (1972)
   The House of Broken Dolls (1972)
   The Larabee Heiress (1972)
   The Maya Temple (1972)
   The Cauldwell Shadow (1973)
   The Guardian of Willow House (1973)
   The House on Thunder Hill (1973) (as by Suzanne Somers)
   Jade Green (1973)
   Nightmare at Riverview (1973) (as by Angela Gray)
   The Possession of Tracy Corbin (1973)
   Ravenswood Hall (1973) (as by Angela Gray)
   The Watcher in the Dark (1973) (as by Angela Gray)
   The Duncan Dynasty (1973)
   Hills of Fire (1973)
   Image of a Ghost (1973)
   The Caldwell Shadow (1973)
   The Prisoner of Malville Hall (1973)
   The Silent Halls of Ashenden (1973)
   The Stone House (1973)
   The Romany Curse (1974) (as by Suzanne Somers)
   Child Of Darkness (1974)
   The Two Worlds of Peggy Scott (1974)
   Ghost Song (1974)
   Island of Bitter Memories (1974)
   Shadow of a Man (1975)
   Illusion at Haven's Edge (1975)
   The Unlamented (1975)
   The Possessed (1975)
   Blackthorn (1975)
   The Marble Hills (1975)
   Twilight At The Elms (1976)
   Night Shade (1976)
   Dark Heritage (1976)
   The Vineyard Chapel (1976)
   Circle of Guilt (1976)
   Juniper Hill (1976)
   Nightfall (1976)
   The Summer House (1976)
   Terror of the Twin (1976)
   Whistle in the Wind (1976)
   The Wines of Cyprien (1977)
   A Woman in Silk and Shadows (1977)
   A Mirror of Shadows (1977)
   Poison Flower (1977)
   The Lonely Place (1978)
   Perrine (1978)
   Hermitage Hill (1978)
   In the Shadows (1978)
   Magic Ring (1978)
   Yesterday's Evil (1979)
   The Cormac Legend (1979)
   Veil of Treachery (1979)
   Valley of Shadows (1980)
   The Purple and the Gold (1980)
   Bridal Black (1980)
   House of Silence (1980)
   Nicola (1980)
   Monte Carlo (1981)
   Saratoga (1981)
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