Ovid Demaris

(Ovide E Desmarais)
USA flag (1919 - 1998)

Ovid Demaris was a native of Biddeford, Maine and an author of books and detective stories. A former United Press correspondent and newspaper reporter, he wrote more than twenty books and hundreds of newspaper articles.
   Ride The Gold Mare (1957)
   The Lusting Drive (1958)
   The Long Night (1959)
   The Slasher (1959)
   The Enforcer (1960)
   The Extortioners (1960)
   Candyleg (1961)
     aka Machine Gun Mccain
   The Parasite (1963)
   The Organization (1965)
     aka The Contract
   Fatal Mistake (1966)
   Mason's Women (1971)
   The Overlord (1972)
   Legs Diamond (1973)
   The Vegas Legacy (1984)
   Ricochet (1988)
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