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Shirley Day writes psychological thrillers. Sometimes they flirt with domestic noir, sometimes they tip over to the gothic side of the scales, sometimes they’re downright tragedies. All have a wry comic undertone. She loves science fiction and the elbow room it affords for the realms of the possible. Although her sci-fi has appeared on stage and podcasts, no one has taken that brave step of marshalling it to print. She would love to write comedy and has written and produced comic plays for Radio 4 and the theatre. She’d like to think that even in the darkest corners of the darkest moments of her darkest books, there is a dry sense of humour that can carry the reader through.
After living in Suffolk for most of her adult life, she’s recently become a born-again Londoner. It’s early days, but so far so good. She teaches screenwriting and Theatre studies at two universities in London and works for The Literary Consultancy as a reader. She has an MA in Philosophy and Classics and is studying a PhD in adaptation studies at UEA.


Genres: Children's Fiction, Mystery, Horror, Young Adult Fantasy
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August 2023

Person of Interest
November 2023

Between the Lines
November 2023

The Insider's Club
   The Insect House (2022)
   Reap What You Sow (2022)
   Paws for Thought (2023)
   Game (2023)
   Attercoppe (2023)
   Person of Interest (2023)
   Between the Lines (2023)
   The Insider's Club (2023)

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