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Terry Deary

UK (1946 - )

Terry Deary is the author of 180 books in the UK (with about 550 more foreign editions) mainly for children and teenagers. His books are sold in 38 languages from Russia to Brazil, Scandinavia to China.

He was born in Sunderland, England, in 1946 and now lives in County Durham, in the North-east of England. Terry is a former actor, theatre-director and museum manager.


Horrible Histories
The Awesome Egyptians (1993)
The Terrible Tudors (1993)
The Vile Victorians (1994)
The Vicious Vikings (1994)
The Vicious Vikings / The Terrible Tudors / The Rotten Romans (omnibus) (1995)
Vile Victorians / Awesome Egyptians / Blitzed Brits (omnibus) (1995)
The Groovy Greeks (1995)
Groovy Greeks / Rotten Romans / Awesome Egyptians (1996)
Dreadful Diary (1996)
The Measly Middle Ages (1996)
Poisonous Postcards (1997)
The Rotten Romans (1997)
Cut-throat Celts (1997)
The Angry Aztecs (1997)
The Terrible Tudors / The Slimy Stuarts (omnibus) (1997)
Even More Terrible Tudors (1998)
Vicious Vikings / Measly Middle Ages (omnibus) (1998)
The Savage Stone Age (1999)
The Woeful Second World War (1999)
Cut-throat Celts / Measly Middle Ages / Gorgeous Georgians (omnibus) (1999)
Gorgeous Georgians / Vile Victorians (1999)
The Horribly Huge Quiz Book (2000)
The Incredible Incas (2000)
Horrible Christmas (2000)
Frightful First World War / The Woeful Second World War (omnibus) (2000)
Angry Aztecs / Incredible Incas (omnibus) (2001)
The Groovy Greeks / The Rotten Romans (omnibus) (2002)
The Barmy British Empire (2002)
Brat Pack: Measly Middle Ages (2002)
Smashing Saxons / Stormin' Normans (omnibus) (2002)
Cruel Crimes and Painful Punishments (2002)
The Terrible Tudors Awful Anniversary Pack (2003)
Horrible Histories Bogof Stockpack (omnibus) (2003)
Ruthless Romans (2003)
Horrible Histories Slipcase 1 (omnibus) (2003)
Horrible Histories Slipcase 2 (omnibus) (2003)
The Wicked History of the World (2003)
The Blitzed Brits (2004)
The Frightful First World War (2004)
The Gorgeous Georgians (2004)
The Slimy Stuarts (2004)
The Smashing Saxons (2004)
The Stormin' Normans (2004)
Villainous Victorians (2004)
Awesome Egyptians Activity Book (2004)
Rotten Romans Sticker Book (2004)
Vile Victorians Activity Book (2004)
The Mad Miscellany (2004)
Groovy Greeks Activity Book (2004)
Vicious Vikings Sticker Book (2004)
Loathsome London (2005)
Measly Middle Ages Activity Book (2005)
Slimy Stuarts Sticker Book (2005)
Edinburgh (2005)
Blood-Curdling Box (omnibus) (2008)
Blitz (2009)
Barmy British Empire / Blitzed Brits (omnibus) (2009)
Horribly Huge Press-out-and-build Book (2009)
Who's Horrible in History (2009)
Egypt - A High-Speed History (2010)
Tudors - A High-Speed History (2010)
Knights a High Speed History (2011)
Rome - A High-Speed History (2011)
Cruel Crime (2012)
Deadly Days in History (2013)
Horrible Histories Annual 2015 (2014)
Horrible Histories Big Fat Christmas Book (2014)
Top 50 Kings and Queens (2015)
Terrible Timeline (2015)
Horrible Histories Christmas Sticker Activity Book (2015)
Top 50 Villains (2016)
Horrible Histories 10 Book Box Set (omnibus) (2016)
This is a Horrible Journal (2016)
Blood-Curdling Box of Books (omnibus) (2016)
Crackin' Castles (2016)
This is a Horrible Book of Foul Fact (2016)

All Aboard
All Aboard (1995)




















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Non fiction series


Horrible Histories : Gruesome Guides
Dublin (2010)
Oxford (2010)
Stratford-upon-Avon (2010)
York (2010)
London (2016)
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