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Cecilia Ekbäck was born in Sweden in a small northern town. Her parents come from Lapland. She now lives in London with her husband and twin daughters, returning home to the landscape and the characters of her childhood in her writing.

Genres: Historical Mystery
Cecilia Ekbäck recommends
The Ice Beneath Her (2016)
(Hanne Lagerlind-Schon, book 1)
Camilla Grebe
"The Ice Beneath Her deserves to be called a page-turner—I read it in one sitting! The narrative is fast-paced and the twists superb."
Evil Things (2019)
(Hella Mauzer, book 1)
Katja Ivar
"I read it in one sitting. It's thrilling. The setting, the timing, being in the midst of the Cold War, and our stubborn, smart and brave heroine Hella - a woman fighting crime in a world opposed to her, are all elements I enjoyed. Katja Ivar turns a seemingly small random crime into something much bigger. A very good read!"
The Hidden (2019)
Mary Chamberlain
"A riveting World War saga taking place in the unusual setting of Jersey. A tale about the lives that persist in the shadow of an occupation: the devastating things that happen to people; the soul-destroying things they are made to do; the miraculous things they make happen; and the secrets and ramifications they are left to live with for the rest of their lives."

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