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Stella Duffy

New Zealand (b.1963)

Stella Duffy grew up in New Zealand and lives and work in London. She has written thirteen novels, fifty short stories, and ten plays. The Room of Lost Things and State of Happiness were both longlisted for the Orange Prize, and she has twice won Stonewall Writer of the Year. She won the 2002 CWA Short Story Dagger for Martha Grace. She is currently adapting her novel State of Happiness for feature film with Zentropa/Fiesta. HBO have optioned both of her Theodora novels for a TV mini-series. Stella is also a theatre director and performer.

Genres: Mystery, Historical, Science Fiction, Literary Fiction
Saz Martin
   1. Calendar Girl (1995)
   2. Wavewalker (1996)
   3. Beneath the Blonde (1997)
   4. Fresh Flesh (1999)
   5. Mouths of Babes (2005)
   Singling Out the Couples (1998)
   Eating Cake (1999)
   Immaculate Conceit (2000)
   State of Happiness (2004)
   Parallel Lies (2005)
   The Room of Lost Things (2008)
   London Lies Beneath (2016)
   The Hidden Room (2017)
   Lullaby Beach (2021)
   Lowood (2023)
thumbno image available
   33 East (2010) (with Bobby Nayyar)
   Everything Is Moving, Everything is Joined (2013)
   Furies (2023) (with others)
Anthologies edited
   Tart Noir (2002) (with Lauren Henderson)
Novellas and Short Stories
Series contributed to
Short stories
It Came in a Box (2000)

Baileys Women's Prize for Fiction Best Book nominee (2008) : The Room of Lost Things

Stella Duffy recommends
No Season but the Summer (2023)
Matilda Leyser
"Matilda Leyser's novel takes the eternal polarities - love and hate, life and death, summer and winter, possibility and impossibility - and brings them crashing together in a tumultuous story of gods living alongside humanity, mother-daughter love and loss, and a glimmer of hope despite it all. In No Season but the Summer, our world is still dying, but it is putting up a hell of a fight as it does so, reminding us that we can fight too, and that fighting for our lives might start with listening to the earth."
Spilt Milk (2023)
Amy Beashel
"Spilt Milk is the real thing; a novel that embraces the brutal, glorious, hopeful, impossible truths of motherhood, marriage and friendship."
Mother's Boy (2022)
Patrick Gale
"Patrick Gale always writes so well of his men and of the women near them. In Mother's Boy his women shine as brightly as the men, his characters age and grow by themselves, alive in their actions, hopes and losses."
The Second Cut (2022)
(Rilke, book 2)
Louise Welsh
"Twenty years is a long time to wait for a 'sequel' but Louise Welsh has made the wait completely worthwhile. In Welsh's writing, Rilke's world remains recognisably queer - not sanitised, not tidied, not safe before the watershed - and all the better for it."
Sankofa (2021)
Chibundu Onuzo
"Wonderful. Poignant and powerful and so timely and the beautiful ending had me in tears, reminding me to look within as well as without for my answers."
The Binding (2018)
Bridget Collins
"Intriguing, thought-provoking and heartbreaking … what a gorgeous book."

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