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Clive Egleton

(Clive Frederick Egleton)
UK flag (1927 - 2006)

aka Patrick Blake, John Tarrant

Clive Egleton was born in Middlesex in 1927 and educated at Haberdashers Aske's school. He enlisted under age in the Royal Armoured Corps in 1945 to train as a tank driver and was subsequently commissioned into the South Staffordshire Regiment for whom he served in India, Hong Kong, Germany, Egypt, Cyprus, the Persian Gulf and East Africa before retiring in 1975 in the rank of Lt Colonel.

Widely regarded as one of Britain's leading thriller writers, he brings years of experience in the Intelligence and Counter-Intelligence fields to his books and has more than thirty novels to his credit, most recently the highly successful spy series featuring Peter Ashton. His books have been translated into fifteen languages. His fourth novel, SEVEN DAYS TO A KILLING, was made into a film starring Michael Caine and released under the title The Black Windmill.

Clive died in March 2006.

Genres: Thriller
Seven Days to a Killing (1973)
     aka The Black Windmill
The October Plot (1974)
     aka The Bormann Brief
Skirmish (1975)
State Visit (1976)
The Mills Bomb (1978)
The Rommel Plot (1978) (as by John Tarrant)
Escape to Athena (1979) (as by Patrick Blake)
Backfire (1979)
The Clauberg Trigger (1979) (as by John Tarrant)
     aka The Alsos Mission
Double Griffin (1981) (as by Patrick Blake)
     aka The Skorzeny Project
A Falcon for the Hawks (1982)
A Conflict of Interests (1983)
China Gold (1983) (as by John Tarrant)
     aka Operation Sovereign
Troika (1984)
A Different Drummer (1985)
Picture of the Year (1987)
Gone Missing (1988)
     aka Missing from the Record
Death of a Sahib (1989)
In the Red (1990)
Last Act (1991)
A Double Deception (1992)
Never Surrender (2004)
A Dying Fall (2004)
The Sleeper (2005)
The Loner (2006)
The Presidential Affair (2006)