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A pseudonym used by Jonathan Aycliffe

In 1984, Daniel Easterman (Denis MacEoin) embarked on what was for many years his principal career, writing international thrillers. Under the Easterman name, he has published fifteen novels, many of them best-sellers. Among the best known are: The Seventh Sanctuary, The Ninth Buddha, Midnight Comes at Noon, Maroc, 'K', The Judas Testament, The Sword, and The Spear of Destiny. As Easterman, he has been translated into about fifteen languages, including French, German, Spanish, and Italian. The most recent, The Sword, was published in 2007 and The Spear of Destiny appeared in spring 2009. Under a second pen-name, Jonathan Aycliffe, he has written a further eight novels, all ghost stories in the classic English tradition. Naomi's Room has been optioned for film in Hollywood, and The Vanishment and The Matrix have recently been optioned by two British film companies.

He has recently worked extensively on radical Islam in the UK for the think tank Policy Exchange, has written a full-scale report on Islamic hate literature found in Britain (The Hijacking of British Islam). He has also written two reports for the think tank Civitas, one on Muslim schools in the UK (Music, Chess and other Sins: Segregation, Integration, and Muslim Schools in Britain), and one on the legality of shari'a law in Britain (Shari'a Law or One Law for All).
   The Last Assassin (1984)
   The Seventh Sanctuary (1987)
   The Ninth Buddha (1988)
   Brotherhood of the Tomb (1989)
   Night of the Seventh Darkness (1991)
   The Name of the Beast (1992)
   The Judas Testament (1994)
   Day of Wrath (1995)
     aka Night of the Apocalypse
   The Final Judgement (1996)
   K (1997)
   Incarnation (1998)
   The Jaguar Mask (2000)
   Midnight Comes at Noon (2001)
   Maroc (2002)
   The Sword (2007)
   Spear of Destiny (2009)
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