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Barrington J Bayley

(Barrington John Bayley)
UK flag (1937 - 2008)

aka Alan Aumbry, P F Woods

Barrington John Bayley is best known for being an inventive science fiction writer, whose works in both novel and short story form weave profound metaphysical topics with more traditional science fictional fare.

Barrington Bayley was born in Birmingham. Most commonly described as "underrated" or "visionary", he has been cited as an influence by writers as well known as Brian Stableford and Bruce Sterling. A long-time friend of Michael Moorcock, who gave him a great deal of early exposure in his role as editor of New Worlds in the 1960s and 1970s, Barrington Bayley was a member of threesome including Moorcock and J G Ballard which plotted to overthrow traditional science fiction. Of the three, Bayley was perhaps the most inventive and the least successful. He is most commonly accused of poor character development and sloppy writing, but as a trade-off for stimulating, pyrotechnic, men's own adventure space opera, these short-comings are easy to absorb.

Barrington Bayley died October 13 2008.

Genres: Science Fiction, Fantasy
   Annihilation Factor (1964)
   The Star Virus (1964)
   Collision Course (1973)
     aka Collision with Chronos
   Empire of Two Worlds (1973)
   The Fall of Chronopolis (1974)
   The Garments of Caean (1976)
   The Grand Wheel (1977)
   Star Winds (1978)
   The Pillars of Eternity (1982)
   The Zen Gun (1983)
   The Forest of Peldain (1985)
   The Great Hydration (2003)
   Sinners Of Erspia (2003)
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Omnibus editions
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Series contributed to
Anthologies containing stories by Barrington J Bayley
New Worlds of Fantasy (1967)
     aka Step Outside Your Mind
New Writings in SF 23 (1973)
New Worlds 7 (1974)
New Worlds 8 (1975)
Top Fantasy (1984)
Tales of the Wandering Jew (1993)
Short stories
The Ship of Disaster (1965)
The Seed of Evil [short story] (1973)
Maladjustment (1974)
The Bees of Knowledge (1975)
The Remembrance (1991)

Philip K Dick Award Best Book nominee (1983) : The Zen Gun

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