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Brian Flynn

UK flag (1885 - 1958)

Brian Flynn, English author and an accountant in government service, a lecturer in elocution and speech, an amateur actor. He wrote about 50 novels, mostly for the library market. His serial character is Anthony Bathurst.
Anthony Bathurst
The Billiard Room Mystery (1927)
The Case Of The Black Twenty-two (1928)
The Five Red Fingers (1929)
Invisible Death (1929)
The Murders Near Mapleton (1929)
The Creeping Jenny Mystery (1930)
     aka The Crime At the Crossways
Murder En Route (1930)
The Mystery of the Peacock's Eye (1930)
The Orange Axe (1931)
The Triple Bite (1931)
The Edge of Terror (1932)
The Padded Door (1932)
The Spiked Lion (1933)
The Case of the Purple Calf (1934)
     aka The Ladder Of Death
The Horn (1934)
The League of Matthias (1934)
Tragedy At Trinket (1934)
The Sussex Cuckoo (1935)
Fear and Trembling (1936)
     aka The Somerset Murder Case
The Fortescue Candle (1936)
Tread Softly (1937)
Cold Evil (1938)
The Ebony Stag (1938)
Black Edged (1939)
The Case of the Faithful Heart (1939)
The Case of the Painted Ladies (1940)
They Never Came Back (1940)
Such Bright Disguises (1941)
Glittering Prizes (1942)
Reverse the Charges (1943)
The Grim Maiden (1944)
The Case of Elymas the Sorcerer (1945)
Conspiracy At Angel (1947)
Exit Sir John (1947)
The Sharp Quillet (1947)
The Swinging Death (1948)
Men for Pieces (1949)
Black Agent (1950)
And Cauldron Bubble (1951)
Where There Was Smoke (1951)
The Seventh Sign (1952)
The Ring of Innocent (1952)
The Running Nun (1952)
Out of the Dusk (1953)
The Doll's Done Dancing (1954)
The Feet of Death (1954)
The Mirador Collection (1955)
The Shaking Spear (1955)
The Dice Are Dark (1956)
The Toy Lamb (1956)
The Hands of Justice (1957)
The Wife Who Disappeared (1957)
The Nine Cuts (1958)
The Saints Are Sinister (1958)
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